Deerhunter Thread (Rolling)


You surely used to post on the Deerhunter forums so?


Maybe… we’re you on there then?


Yep, I was Mr.K on the forum! I posted a fair bit, mostly about gigs in Ireland or the bootlegs that used to be posted up there.


I was on there under my real name and not keen to be outed on here. Happy to PM though. I’m still FB friends with a few of the folk from the forum.


No problem! I might PM you later on!


pfft, whatever


One of my all time favourite bands. It was between HD and Microcastle and MC just edged it for me thanks to Nothing Ever Happened.


Was hoping this thread had news of a new album as well. It’s not like Bradford to be as quiet as he’s been in the last two years. All the Atlas Sound stuff is brilliant.


Cryptograms + flourescent grey are good. Microcastle was decent but a bit of a step down. Later stuff is trash.







Going to give The Moon Diagrams album a listen. Not sure how I haven’t got around to it yet.


I wish I was at this tonight.


Awwwww fuck. That would be unreal!


Yes please.


Cryptograms > Flourescent Gray >>> Halcyon Digest > microcastle >>>>> the rest


Microcastle > Halcyon Digest > Fading Frontier > Cryptograms > Monomania > Weird Era Cont

Rainwater Cassette Exchange is amazing too.



Desire Lines is my favourite song ever.

Microcastle probably edges it of the albums, though there’s plenty I love about every one.


yep, easily their best song by some distance