Deerhunter Thread (Rolling)


Remember strongly disliking Monomania apart from a couple of songs (The Missing springs to mind) on release. In hindsight, that was probably a kneejerk reaction after years of gold from them and it’s probably due a reappraisal.

Is this a ‘Deerhunter and side projects’ thread? Thought that Spooky Action at a Difference LP from Lotus Plaza was excellent a few years back.


Have to agree, haven’t enjoyed anything since Halcyon Digest unfortunately.


Think this might be my least favourite album of thiers :sleepy:


Haven’t listened to the leak, but the prospect of Cate Le Bon producing this album got me v. v. excited, and I absolutely adore these first two songs. I’m prepared to fall for this record quite hard.


Up there with the best Deerhunter stuff. Brilliant lp


where can i find it online? Perhaps someone can advise with a clue?



thank you


I’m surprised! Think it’s stronger than the last one, the final track is a real beauty


Norman Records have given their verdict, this from the album’s own pre-order page:

Staff note from Clinton :
I just don’t know what has happened to them. The first track is pretty lovely - got half way through the rest of the album and had to switch it off. Dreadful.

Ouch. I’m still excited though, going to hang on until official release for a first full listen…


I’ve pre-ordered this but i’m feeling a bit worried about it now. The two tracks they have released so far have been rather dull and i didn’t listen to either of them all the way through. Fading Frontier has been the one weak spot in their career so far and i rarely listen to that album as its just too clean and safe sounding.
I’ve seen them live three times now and they’re always great, even the songs i don’t really care for from Fading Frontier sounded better than on wax so there’s always that i suppose, but I’m scared of the direction they seem to be heading in putting me off them.



It’s a great record store but I wish they’d leave out those negative staff reviews they do. So, so cringey.


Really enjoying this now. Took a while to get used to the studio versions of tracks I’d gotten used to from the live recordings but it’s clicking in to place.
‘Tarnung’, with Lockett and Cate Le Bon singing together is so pretty.
The album does feel a little short though.


i haven’t seen any of the others and maybe there are worse offenders but that kind of honestly is refreshing. it’s like when Boomkat reviews something and refers to it being ‘curled out’




I can’t find the new album anywhere. In terms of a website that might let me listen to it, what, erm, might it rhyme with?


Some reviews for WHEAD:


Deerhunter have already made their answer to Low!


A slight aside: has Double Dream of Spring turned up anywhere where you can hear it online?