Deerhunter Thread (Rolling)




Have you heard TIUF though?





The first interview on Stereogum is a bit annoying but this one is really great and sad


I can’t wait to read this. Thanks


Kind of grown to hate Bradford Cox’s pomposity. Makes Josh Tillman seem meek and down to earth. Except Tillman can at least backup his interview nonsense by still making great albums.


This is hilariously wrong.


Cool. Whatever.
Cox just comes out with some outrageous nonsense in that interview “Monomania was the last rock album” and just quite scoffing at his fanbase for thinking their best albums are their best albums.
Ultimately they’re a band of seriously diminishing returns. Saying stuff like that off the back of cryptograms, Microcastle and Halycon Digest, maybe. But last few records have just been a slow decline. He alludes to the fact they’re not the same band as well there.
I draw comparison to Tillman because I find him unpalatable in interview, maybe because he’s an awful guy, but making records I’m far more interested in listening to, and I say that as someone who was a massive Deerhunter fan, and I’m pretty sad about falling out of love with the band tbh.
This is the Deerhunter fanboy thread though so I’ll take my leave. Ciao


Very glad to see the Monomania and Fading Frontier reappraisals in full swing. Soon we will have justice.


Nice interview, might give Fading Frontier a spin today. I wonder where he’d rank the Atlas Sound albums amongst these, even if he’s lost interest in solo work for now. I still love Logos, more than any Deerhunter.


think i’ve changed my mind about monomania a few times, loved it when it came out and then got bored pretty quickly (validating his point that people dont listen to records in the same way anymore i guess). also think I went into it with too high expecations given the run of records they were on. still don’t think the last 2 albums have quite the depth of sound that their work before had


I think my opinion of Monomania/FF are both improved by the fact that I consider the first major drop off in quality to actually come between Microcastles/Weird Era and Halcyon Digest. Not that I think HD is in any way a bad record - I think it’s great - but I do think Microcastles is their clear peak, and so even HD softened me up to take all subsequent Deerhunter with slightly lessened expectations. As such, I just hear them all as quite different, distinct but really great collection of albums.

Specifically on Monomania, I’m just baffled by the inclusion of The Missing, especially where it specifically appears in the track listing. Really kills the momentum of the first two tracks stone dead.

In terms of Atlas Sound stuff, I just went back to his very first one and my word that is a fantastic piece of work.


I am really looking forward to discussing the new album from this wonderful band with everyone.


wish he’d release all that early (CDR?bootleg?) Atlas Sound stuff in one package


the ranking is interesting

monomania was really good, I don’t deny that, but it really isn’t anywhere near as extreme as he’s making out. I’m sure his experience of it all was fucked up, but it’s just a pretty good rock album. Put a 45 minute version of monomania on it or something


It’s an interesting interview. Wonder what he makes of Fluorescent Grey, WEC and Rainwater Cassette Exchange in a “ranking” sense. Fucking excellent band aren’t they.


That is a lovely cover. Weirdly I haven’t listened to a Deerhunter album since Halcyon (which I feel was a foolish thing on my part, it seems from listening to tracks from the two albums post-that), but I think I’ll pick this un up.


I think that Sleepwalking > Back To The Middle > Monomania might just be the greatest 3 song run on any of their records.

NEH > Saved By Old Times > Neither Of Us Uncertainly would be my other pick.