Deerhunter Thread (Rolling)


Have we done favourite song on each release polls yet? Am definitely up for some Friday rankings.


No mention of Weird Era. I definitely think of that as a standalone studio album.


Yeah, sure, seems Brad does too. The tail end of the record especially is great, and Calvary Scars II / Aux Out remains one of the greatest things I have ever seen live


Best song on Cryptograms:

  • Intro
  • Cryptograms
  • White Ink
  • Lake Somerset
  • Providence
  • Octet
  • Red Ink
  • Spring Hall Convert
  • Hazel St
  • Tape Hiss Orchid
  • Heatherwood

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The bass on Octet alone


Bumped into Brad and Josh before a show in Dublin in 2010/2011 and they asked me what I wanted them to play. Asked for a few songs including ‘Calvary Scars II’ and they finished with it! One of the best gig-going experiences of my life.


Ah man, that’s so awesome. They finished with it after playing Microcastle in full at Camber Sands, only time I’ve seen it though


still only listened to Cryptograms a coupla times on Bandcamp

I’m a terrible Deerhunter fan for someone who was obsessed with them at one time


Think it’s natural to have a few knowledge gaps even for bands you really love. I’m always better acquainted with bands’ albums which came out after I became a fan.


Where’s Strange Lights? Because that one




I have failed you


Chose Hazel St for variety and as there’s barely anything in it but it’s really Ocelot, isn’t it. Love how hazy yet raw this album feels, probably my favourite production of any of their albums. Fifth best! Not sure what Bradford was rabbiting on about.


Why no strange Lights? The run of Spring Hall Convert, Strange Lights and Hazel St. is up there with any three.



Microcastle poll:

  • Cover Me (Slowly)
  • Agoraphobia
  • Never Stops
  • Little Kids
  • Microcastle
  • Calvary Scars
  • Green Jacket
  • Activa
  • Nothing Ever Happened
  • Saved By Old Times
  • Neither of Us, Uncertainty
  • Twilight At Carbon Lake

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Made sure I had every song this time


voting for anything other than ‘Nothing Ever Happened’ here is just needy bullshit. Same with ‘Desire Lines’ on the next one.


I don’t like desire lines! Nothing needy about that - it’s just not a very interesting song! (hate the lyrics, find the guitar parts dull, outro is ok though)

On the other hand, I also felt guilty about voting for nothing ever happened because it was too obvious (which I did anyway) so maybe I’ve got a problem




Think I’m the only Deerhunter fan who doesn’t love Nothing Ever Happened