Deerhunter Thread (Rolling)


Desire Lines is one of the best tunes ever, isn’t it? You seen this live version?


you should do your top 5! reckon mine would be something like:

Desire Lines
Nothing Ever Happens
Never Stops
Ad Astra


I was waiting for someone to do this


Desire Lines
Nothing Ever Happened
Ad Astra


Lockett is a bit of a legend, isn’t he?


aye. fountain stairs nearly made the cut as well


They’re consistently brilliant. The only minor dip was Monomania, for me. Even that had gems though.


yeah I’m not keen on that one either, although @Kallgeese upthread has talked me into the idea of maybe giving it a second chance



Nothing Ever Happened
Neither Of Us Uncertainly
Vox Celeste
Desire Lines

But then I have to omit:
He Would Have Laughed
Ad Astra


total hero - love the way he still holds his guitar like an awkward teenager.


He is my most favourite awkward teenager ever. We’ll be best pals one day.


Desire Lines
Never Stops
Disappearing Ink
Ad Astra

Spring Hall Convert, Punk and Hazel St just missed out


Disappearing Ink is brilliant. Josh is such a great bass player. Does anyone know what he’s up to these days? And why he left?


Speaking of side projects, I made a thread about Omni, the band of former guitarist Frankie Broyles, which I think are particular excellent, and it got no traction. Perhaps the Deerhunter fans will enjoy them:


As far as I know he was sick of touring. There were also stories that he wanted to cut down on his drinking and touring did not help with that. I think he’s still running his label, Army Of Bad Luck. Interestingly, Colin Mee, another former DH member, releases music on that label under the name Hollow Stars. The label is still active as far as I’m aware.

I miss him. He was a fucking excellent bass player. The speed and precision of those octave notes on ‘Disappearing Ink’, the fact that he wrote ‘Nothing Ever Happened’, the general excellence of his bass playing. I’m happy with the music they’ve made since but I always think about what they could have made if he stayed.


Didn’t see your thread! Loved ‘Deluxe’ and really enjoy Broyles’ solo releases too. Looking forward to a new Omni album now.


What a great post, thanks.


Yeah, he was brilliant. He added so much to the band. They had an edge that has been missing a little bit since. Saw something where Bradford made a bit of a bitchy comment about him at a show on the last album tour which was a bit disappointing. They were at their best around 2008 - 2010 for me.


Think this might be my favourite thread on the boards


Well that’s good to hear! It’s nice to have a place to talk about Deerhunter. Since the forums disappeared I’ve had nowhere. I occasionally have a look at the Deerhunter section on Reddit but I hate the layout of that place. This is much nicer.