Deerhunter Thread (Rolling)

Whelans sold out quickly :eyes:

Whelan’s is tiny, a few hundred max. I didn’t get tickets but I’ll source them.

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Two things:

Remember when Cox leaked all those piles of Atlas Sound demos on his blog? Is it easy to still hear them anywhere?

Also, why doesn’t he do Atlas Sound anymore? Just realised his last record as AS was eight(!!) years ago!

The Bedroom Databank compilations? No idea, I lost all of them when my iPod died. Would love to hear those again.

I remember when they were on the (EDIT) Fading Frontier tour his solo sets in support of DH were billed as Atlas Sound. That’s the last time the name was used I think.

Would bet that j_o_f will be able to hook everyone up with em

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He did an atlas sound set at the DH ATP in 13

Yep! Might start sorting things out at the weekend. I’ll give people a heads up when I get my arse in gear.

I’m pretty sure I have all the bedroom databank stuff, most of the DH blog virtual 7”s and other random songs, some live shows, some really rare stuff I got from the old Microcastles blog run by that Australian dude, the Rough Trade Atlas Sound cd, Carve Your Initials…, Unrequited Narcissit and goodness knows what else.

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Oh yeah, that was a few years beforehand. I remember he was going to do a solo show at Primavera 201 but billed as Bradford Cox so maybe he just dropped it around 2015/2016. (He never did the solo show in the end.)

I think it was the Fading Fronteir tour?

Not to be nit-picky! But I remember him shuffling about the stage creating all kinds of noise, and then the band slowly coming out and blasting into Desire Lines. The rest of the set was fairly ramshackle but that opening was great.

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WHOOPS. Yeah, that’s what I was referring to. Posting while juggling six things at once never works!

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New Moon Diagrams!

Oh Moses, hello :heart_eyes:

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It’s such a shame. I miss the insanely prolific Bradford of a decade ago.

Moon Diagrams Mini LP out now:


Treated myself:



Very tasty. Would love a new Atlas album…

Atlas Sound playing Desert Daze! This is good news!

Bloody hell that’s a lineup and a half

Billed as ‘a rare and exclusive’ show though, so not sure it means much. Will probably just be Bradford improvising…

Love his picture of Faulkner though :dog:

WITCH - W.I.T.C.H (We Intend To Cause Havoc)


Band names must have finally run out.