Deerhunter Thread (Rolling)


Same. Love how weird it gets in the middle of this video. Never been afraid to mess about, have they?


Damn, I’m gonna have to listen to loads of Deerhunter now.

Think Revival is one of the best pop songs they’ve made. Big fan of Operation and Vox Celeste from Weird Era and love the ending of Microcastle with Twilight At Carbon Lake.

What a band.


Loving this thread. While we’re posting favourite videos:



Absolute fire :fire:


Which albums haven’t you listened to yet?


I do feel the band took a bit of a nosedive after Josh left, very understated but brilliant member of the band


Listened to them all, but not for a bit. This thread has just reminded me how good they are.

Saw them a few times, most recently at Pitchfork Paris but the show in the Academy 3 in Manchester on the Weird Era tour was incredible. Bradford dicking about with feedback at the end meant I was pretty much deaf for three days.

Worth it though.


It’s going to be interesting to see what they do next. The last two albums couldn’t be more different really. I’d love them to do a proper shoegaze record


Other than Cryptograms you mean? :wink:


That sounds amazing! I had a ticket for a show at Cardiff Uni a few years ago but they cancelled the show. I was gutted.


Best songs fwiw:

Desire Lines
Nothing Ever Happens
Strange Lights
Spring Hall Convert

Octet, Coronado, T.H.M, Breaker & Snakeskin would complete the 10 most likely


Big love for ‘T.H.M.’ here.


Haha yeah. I’d love their version of Loveless really


‘The Missing’ is one of Lockett’s best tunes too tbf


oh yes good shout, I’d forgotten about that, probably because it’s on Monomania, and also that it felt like it didn’t really fit on that album for a long time.

Could make a joke here that goes along the lines of:

“Actually put ‘Strangers’ in my top 5 instead of ‘Spring Hall Convert’!”

how would we feel about that?


I know exactly what you mean. It doesn’t sound like it belongs on there.

How has it been five years already since the last Lotus Plaza album? Crazy. Hope we get to hear another one at some point


It’s gonna be a B Cox rap effort. I’m certain.




Favourite LP tune


‘Atlas $ound’