Deerhunter Thread (Rolling)


I saw Omni earlier this year at the Shacklewell Arms. They were great. Frankie always looked a wee bit lost plying in DH so it’s good to see him fronting such a great band.


A playlist just made up of Lockett DH songs would be so rad.


I’m definitely missing some off ‘Weird Era Cont.’ but you can add them as it’s a collaborative playlist. Even add the best of Lotus Plaza too!


It would be the best


Amazing. Cheers dude


Does anyone have a decent quality version of LP’s “Rain Down”? My rip sounds pretty bad. Why didn’t Lockett release that song properly?


How much rare stuff do people have? I think I got everything from the blog and also the stuff that was on the Microcastles site which was run by an Aussie member of the old DH forum.


Ohh, what’s this?


What do you want to know about?




I’ve got the following:


  • ‘Carve Your Initials Into The Walls Of The Night’
  • ‘Flourescent Grey Demos & Outtakes’
  • ‘On Platt’s Eyott Island’
  • ‘Unrequited Narcissist’
  • A twenty track rarities compilation I made.
  • Thirty full concert bootlegs.

Atlas Sound:

  • ‘Bedroom Databank Vols. 1 to 4’
  • ‘How I Escaped The Prison Of Fractals’


I got all the AS/LP/various other songs from the old DH blog. All the virtual 7"s, Bedroom Databank albums, Roam for the Holidaze songs etc.

The Microcastles site had some rare shit - something called Cryptogramz Bradford’s Songs that I’ve not heard much talk about and it seems to be Cryptograms demos (not the 2005 Samara Lubelski scrapped Cryprograms though). I did download Bradford’s blog mixtape of snippets from the 2005 session though.

Everything is on a hard drive somewhere. I also have loads of live recordings.


I have all of those. Did you d/l he AS virtual 7"s?


I’ve never even heard of most of this stuff!


If I did they’d be on my parents’ old PC. I could check when I’m home but it won’t be for a few months.

I wouldn’t mind getting more live recordings, they’re the absolute best. I listen to some of them more than the actual albums these days.

I listened to all the Deerhunter material, even the bootlegs, before ‘Fading Frontier’ came out in 2015. Live tweeted the whole thing under the hashtag #deerhunterweek2k15.


Bradford was big into uploading demos and unreleased material onto his blog until the leak of ‘Microcastle’. I think he stopped the practice for the most part after that. Lots of the extra stuff is great though. Unfortunately I’ve never found a decent program to rip files from an iPod so I can’t retrieve it.


I was hunting for a trailer for a Deerhunter concert film that was mooted and (I thought) forgotten about. Turns out the full length version was made and it’s on Vimeo! Holy SHIT!

It’s from a show in April 2010, months before the release of ‘Halcyon Digest’. There’s a few songs from that LP there but otherwise it’s a brilliant post-‘Microcaste/Weird Era.’ set.


That’s great. I saw them a few times around that time (they did a short European tour before HD came out).


Here is all the Deerhunter stuff I could find. AS and LP will have to wait for another day.

Carve Your Initials Into The Wall Of The Night
Unrequited Narcissist
DH-Alphabets split single
Halcyon Digest Japanese bonus tracks
Sub Pop singles club - Vox Celeste 5 / Microcastle Mellow 3
"Cryptogramz Bradford’s Songs" - features songs called Making Out, Power Trip & The Crypt as well as the recognisable ones.
Cryptograms mixtape (from the 2005 Samara Lubelski session)
Fluorescent Grey demos and out-takes
Jay Reatard split 7"
Whirlyball 7" track
After Class DH version from Living Bridge comp
Come on Chemistry (Microcastle demo)
Revival bonus d/l tracks - unused demos (Radio Play etc)

Daytrotter Session
Itunes Soho Session
Platts Eyott Session Session
Sirius XMU Session
BBC 6 Music Marc Riley 2010
BBC 6 Music Marc Riley 2011

DEERHUNTER BOOTS (bear in mind some of these are probably US date format)
04/02/07 Criminal Records Atl
02/06/08 Grrrnd Zero Gerland
08/27/05 Caledonia Lounge Athens
04/18/10 Coachella
18/05/13 Le Guess Who Mayday Utrecht
16/11/13 40 Watt Athens
08/10/05 The Earl Atl
09/02/11 Billboard Melbourne
11/03/11 Rhapsody Original @ Club Deville Austin
12/08/10 Pier 54 NYC
08/10/10 Club 529 Atl
24/08/13 FYF festival
2009 ATP NY
31/05/09 Primavera Sound
15/08/08 Vacation Gallery
31/10/08 Variety Playhouse
17/09/13 MHOW NYC
01/10/10 Variety Playhouse
23/08/11 Webster Hall NYC
26/07/07 Caledonia Lounge
29/04/13 New Orleans
30/04/13 New Orleans
09/01/16 Georgia Theatre Athens
28/11/08 San Diego
24/02/09 Noise Pop SF
12/10/10 Washington Club 930
30/05/11 Sasquatch


Woah, if anyone ever had the time to upload a bundle of some of this stuff I’d be super interested.