Deerhunter Thread (Rolling)


I’m going to investigate if I can get the stuff I have off my iPod but don’t hold your breath. I’ve never been able to figure it out in the past.





I might put some of it in Dropbox in batches for a limited period and share the link via PM. I can’t say when I’ll be able to get round to it but let me know the stuff that you are most interested in.


I’d be interested in hearing all the rare recordings tbh … Is that revival EP in there? Had that on my old laptop but lost it … I really like the ambient recording towards the end with the cuckoo clock


They are the bonus tracks sent out in return for fly-posting your local area with a Halcyon Digest poster and sending in a photo of it.


Most interested in demos, then some of the rarer tracks and sessions I think


Have never really devoted much time to Weird Era, but Slow Swords just came on shuffle and my word it is beautiful.


Love Weird Era, especially VHS Dream. Used really well in this -

That film has a great Bradford score, which I have just realised is on Spotify!


Yep, that score is great and it’s one I often forget about.


This is the correct order


so good


Anyone heard this?


Nice thread, I forget how much I love Deerhunter. That ATP was just incredible.

If I had to choose a top 5:

Strange Lights
Desire Lines
Twilight on Carbon Lake
Nothing Ever Happens


Really enjoy it but don’t go back to it much. ‘But I’m A Boy’ and ‘Dogs Are Cool’ are two favourites of mine from it.


Deerhunter playing festivals next Summer




This came up this morning


I hope there’s a new album on the way.


Same. Always interested to see what direction they’ll go in next. The last two albums were so different from each other.