Deerhunter Thread (Rolling)


Here’s Bradford doing a seal impression. You’re welcome.


Moon Diagrams doing a London (supporting Happy Meals) and Brighton gig next month


Quite a few shows supporting Algiers too


Fuck, playing Dublin the night before Destroyer! Amazing!


This should be great.


So delighted about this.


Yeahhh! A mix of both of their vocal styles really could be something special.

Have you heard Cat Le Bon’s collaboration with Tim Presley?


I have not! To the Internet!


Here you go buddy:


Enjoyed Moon Diagrams at Corsica Studios last night. He obviously hasn’t performed that much alone and he was clearly a little nervous and a bit technically rusty, but regardless I was still really in to it. My highlight was The Ghost and the Host which sounded great.


Was it just Moses and a bunch of samplers/a laptop?


I couldn’t see any of his gear but it definitely seemed that way, The Ghost and the Host took quite a long time to load which was awkward.


I’m seeing Moon Diagrams at the Social next week (free show).
I wanted to go last night but I have a stinking cold. I really enjoyed his show at the shacklewell arms last year.


Some german events are going up on Facebook for June (13th in Berlin) so I’d expect European/festival summer tour imminent


Some French shows added too, as well as Best Kept Secret.

Wouldn’t be surprised if they crop up at either All Points East or Field Day. Really hope for some proper headline dates though. I imagine they must be close to a cert for Primavera.


The tour dates suggest This Is Not A Love Song fest in Nîmes followed by Primavera…


So far announced either on Songkick, FB events or by festivals themselves. Also some blanks which I have attempted to guess:

30 May Besançon La Rodia
31 May ???
01 June ??? This Is Not A Love Song maybe?
02 or 03 June - Primavera surely?
04 June Bordeaux Rock school
05 June ??? Paris maybe?
06 June Lille Aéronef
07 June ??? Brussels maybe?
08 June Best Kept Secret
09 June Aarhus Northside
10 June Sideways Helsinki
12 June Leipzig
13 June Berlin Festsaal
14 June Prague Meet Factory
15 June Mannheim


Two days of Primavera PLEASE!


I’d prefer 3 like in 2013 but 2 will do I suppose… They may play another SW France date like Toulouse I guess.


Announced for Strange Waves fest in Manchester on 26 May. I’m guessing All Points East on the Friday or Sunday. Hopefully they’ll do at least one non-fest UK date.