Deerhunter Thread (Rolling)


Koko show announced May 25th, same day I have tickets for LCD All Points East. I’m genuinely torn.


Hmm. I wonder will an Irish date be announced pre-Primavera.


Brighton show two days later and it’s a bank holiday. Think that’ll do me nicely. Anyone know what Concorde 2’s like? Not a huge Koko fan as is.


Concorde 2 is fine, haven’t been there in donkeys years, but it was wholly average as a venue. Better sight lines than Koko, at least.

Holding out for Primavera Porto. Looks like they’ve not been caught by APE.


Ah I’m sure it’ll be fine.

Would love for the lads to go ahead and put out some of this music they’re obviously touring behind.


I love Concorde 2 but it’s a bastard to get back to the station from.


New lineup?

New key art?


New lineup??? Please say Moses and Lockett are still in the band!


Genuinely feeling a bit anxious about either Lockett or Moses leaving


The guitar playing smudge looks a bit like Lockett to me…


London, Brighton, Manchester… can’t make the Manchester date so that’s that then :frowning_face:


Brighton is on a Sunday…the day before a bank holiday Monday.


Same. I talked to Moses last year at one of his Moon Diagrams shows and asked him what DH were doing and he mentioned something about shows this summer. He didn’t say he’d left the band.


I’m in Glasgow that weekend (seeing LCD soundsystem), so can’t complain really, just a shame I can’t make any of the dates. You gonna do all 3 UK shows? I think you’re the chap who has seen them like 50 times?


37 times. And I’m a chapess. I’m doing London and Brighton, still deciding on Manc due to Ed fucking Sheeran playing a football stadium that night meaning hotels are £££££.
I’m seeing them at primavera too hopefully and in France just after Prim.


Same. I’m worried it’s going to be just Bradford with a load of new dudes…


Nice one, that is proper commitment. And apologies! :flushed:


No worries! I think most people assume I’m a guy.


Also, DH shows in France are the best. On their 2015 tour, they did a show in Reims where Josh ended up playing guitar on Fluorescent Grey and Bradford played the bass part. The night before in Tourcoing (Lille basically), Bradford started harping on about the brutalist architecture in Lille then got down into the audience to talk to a girl whose friend said she knew all about it.
There was a show in Paris in 2010 where I got to play Bradford’s guitar a bit. It was the last night of the tour and they used to get fans up on stage to play their instruments at the end of the tour.


One of the few bands worth obsessive devotion I reckon.

Is this you?