Default File Name (random youtube video centric)

Has anyone posted this yet? It’s weirdly compelling.

“default filename tv finds and plays youtube videos that were uploaded from the camera without edits to the filename.”

I just watched some kids doing their own terrible short gangster movie, a guy playing along to jazz on the sax in what appeared to be a music shop, an American dude interviewing himself about his love of Liverpool FC and 14 seconds of a car exhaust for no reason. It’s weird and mundane and I have no idea why but I can’t stop clicking to see what’s next.


There’s something uncomfortably voyeuristic about this actually. That Liverpool guys video has 1 hit from me currently. I think I love him though, and he did at least rope some mates in to make it like a homemade documentary.

Keep getting a lot of these, quite creepy:

I had a puppies one too. And then a 7 minute video of what seemed to be a us high school athletics team doing synchronised skipping rope with blue by eiffel 65 in the background :man_shrugging:

You seem to have a different feed from everyone else. I’m not saying you’re definitely under siege from dark forces but just in case know that we will remember you fondly.

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I think for maximum effect I might turn the sound off and listen to Nine Inch Nails and between each clip announce in my best Adam Curtis voice, “but there was a problem. The people in charge had lost control of their narrative.”


Lots of strange dancing and singing videos so far

I’ll swap you?

Ok this looks a lot like a homemade bomb. And nothing happens.

I feel like I’ve stumbled onto the viral thing for a new horror movie with this site.


feels a bit like flying around the world into other people’s eyes/brains

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This is very cool - always loved stuff that sifts through the detritus of the web.

Before it all got wiped, there was a page that would generate random Geocities URLs. So much mundane weirdness in there, added to by the fact it was all long abandoned.


Fucking hell hahahaha your video actually my brain a bit

I’ve had 3 of them in total now…

oh god, the you’ll never walk alone bits


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I started out thinking it was a bit sad but by the end I was all, “godspeed, fella. You’re alright.”

Absolutely love this

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Get him signed up, the football threads are wholly lacking in passionate Liverpool fans.


This site really shows how bleak some parts of the world are