Defend an awful celebrity who isn't quite as awful as people presume

Feels like a sequel to my “C*nt audit” thread.

Jeremy Clarkson. Hear me out…obviously he still has many, many hideous views…but browsing his twitter I found (in between the dodgy retweets) posts about Ivory hunters, the Thai cave rescue, the NHS, football… amongst other things. The bigotry is still there…but unlike Hopkins, Robinson or even Morgan…its not all based upon an oblique agenda. He comes across as a part ignorant, part naive father in law that you might have a chance of persuading, if given the time.

Idk, might be very, very wrong.

80% chance this just becomes a Jeremy Clarkson thread

Oh god what have you done


An intelligent man who pretends to be (more of) a cunt so racists give him money is indefensible imo


I don’t think he’s that smart, tbh

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Not going to lie, was expecting much more when I saw you posted in here.


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His two main hobbies are silly hats and cars. He doesn’t seem like my kind of person tbh

Andy Murray is one of the very few naturally funny and amiable sports people. Seems like a really nice guy imo


Sheeran is bad at music and being a human being.


Hoped this was a reply to my Murray post


Have read a couple of times now from his former editors that Clarkson was a dream employee as a journalist because his copy was always on time, always within word limits and was well-written enough to require minimal editing.

Apparently this is overwhelmingly not the case across journalism, which surprised me.

People like him, don’t they? Maybe not at the beginning but I would say he is pretty popular.

Chris Froome is fine. He’s just a spectularly boring man but people use their dislike of sky as a stick to beat him. He’s fine


Makes perfect sense though, since Clarkson actually started his career as a reporter on a local paper so knew a tonne more about the business of putting papers together than shitstains like Giles Coren.


Got the trains running on time

Yes of course. I was not speaking in defence of Clarkson.

Mick Hucknall. Nice chap, bought me a pint once, few bangers in the backcat.

However my post is a direct and purposefully vicious attack on GEOFF and his love of Clarkson.


If we want this to do real numbers we’ll need some defenders of:


Ha! I didn’t sense that - your post was an amusing contrast! Just wanted to clarify that I am not pro-Clarkson.

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