Defend an awful celebrity who isn't quite as awful as people presume

kwiakowski and thomas ride for sky. they’re fine.

froome’s a vicious two faced cunt that pretends to be boring as its the best way he has to increase his brand value.

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Lance Armstrong didn’t do that much wrong in the grand scheme of things, did he

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We’ve all taken drugs


How has Billy Corgan not been mentioned in this thread yet


Nah, he’s a carnival barker who positions himself an arbiter of good food when he couldn’t even keep his own restaurant going.

I like his factory programmes though.

some things are just indefensible

Reckon the “well if I knew he was a cheat I would NEVER have given his charity money” brigade deserve to be fleeced tbh.

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If he’d just taken drugs and won, then you might be right. But he destroyed the careers of many other, more honest, less powerful, people, so you’re not.


He was a pretty massive cunt

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In many ways I’d say Dr. Cugat is more misunderstood than anything else


“Okay everyone, we’ve got a thread on defending twats here, should be easy enough. Armstrong? Wiggins?”

“Aggpass - too obvious. I’ll go with Froome, I’ll need some back up to make him seem actually dislikeable, though”

“Japes - I’ll pick up this one”



they wouldn’t dream of starting the day without an EPO injection or a couple of steroid pills over in Catalonia.

i could leave it if he was just an awful person but he looks so shit on a bike

Harsh, mate. I try my best


I’ll keep holding on…what a tune!

I think he is awful

always annoying when these australian cricketers you’ve justifiably hated for years come over to commentate for tms and you find out that off the field they’re actually decent human beings. as if I can’t hate matthew hayden any more ffs


7-1 though…

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can’t think of anyone I wouldn’t be willing to forgive for their sins (except for the big hitters) as I am a much less judgmental person than the DiS social board.

Tom Cruise is probably reasonably pleasant company for about 30 seconds