Definitely shit - Don't have to experience it to know


Famous 5/Ladybird parody books

this shit

Seem to have been everywhere this christmas despite very obviously being terrible


Holidays to Dubai


Can confirm after flicking through one. Shit central. Same as the “Five on Brexit Island” things… They don’t even work as basic parodies, they sound nothing like the actual books.


Celebrity Big Brother


The stand-up comedy stylings of John Bishop


a song of ice and fire


fuck off


anything before or following the words ‘new on E4’


I’d make some kind of CBB comeback but I know literally nothing about the parade of absolute no-marks who are on it, so… Alright Davina?


or ‘Exclusive to Dave’



unless its celebrity storage hunters


We bought “The Husband” and “The Wife” for Mrs CCB’s parents last year. They went down a treat.

I’d draw the line at “Five On A Strategy Away Day” though. Evidently only written with Secret Santa in mind.




That haircut really suits you.


I don’t know if this is a thing or not but it’s definitely bad


It was pretty funny on the episode with Bob Mortimer and Ross Noble tbh tbf


stranger (than) things


no it wasn’t


fair enough, I’ll retract my comment