Definitive catalogue of underwater levels in vidya games 🕹

Oh god, I can hear this as it is happening. I feel slightly panicky now.

Always used to hang around and wait for him to drown when I played it on the amiga.

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Ooft the reverb on those bubbles at the end :confused:



Can’t believe we’ve gone 30 posts and no-one’s mentioned Super Mario Bros 1-2.

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Don’t recognise this one man, whizzit?

Looks like a Metroid.

Super Metroid maybe?

I think I drowned a lot as Lara Croft


Ah Samus in a ball, of course.

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Super Metroid. That’s where you bomb through the pipe and enter the water level.


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NV posted gameboy mario.

A very different kettle of fish to the NES levels though.

(when I was growing up, I thought Mario was in a mini airplane, not a submarine!)

I see what you’ve done there!!!11!!11112222!

Loads of people played Robocod, the sequel to James Pond on the Megadrive (which I think was entirely based out of water) but did anyone play the original?


I really wish I had the nous to deliberately make jokes like this :slight_smile:

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Fucking LOVED Donkey Kong Country but it was fucking hard.