Definitive eating/drinking thread

No right answers, no wrong answers. No one’s weird etc. All horses for courses.

When eating a meal do you…?

  • require a drink
  • not require a drink

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If you require a drink, will you…?

  • sip the drink between mouthfuls of food
  • sip the drink with food in your mouth
  • Both of the above
  • sip the drink only when you’ve finished a course
  • sip the drink only you’ve finished the meal

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When you are not in the mood for solid food, do you

  • Only eat soup or liquid foods.
  • Have your main meal blended.
  • Feel sad while eating your solid food.
  • Refuse to eat.
  • This has never happened to me, not even as a baby.
  • This only happened to me as a baby, and I cannot remember those days.

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Genuinely can’t eat a meal without a drink, can’t remember when I last did this.

Also can’t really handle eating standing up


tek a drink with me cause there’s nothing worse than having to get up cause I’m thirsty mid-food eating time

I mean there is tbf but you know

How often do you snack too much during the day and then decide to skip dinner?

  • Never
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Annually
  • Less regularly

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When this happens, how often do you then get to like 21:00 / 21:30 and feel like “Well, maybe just a little something” and then snack again

  • Every time
  • Most times
  • Some times
  • Good times
  • Boogie
  • Rarely times
  • Never

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Quite often don’t even touch the drink mate.

When someone burns the meal and feels bad about it, which of these actions most closely resembles your response?

  • The meal is ruined. Make it again.
  • Hey, there there. There there.
  • It’s OK, they’re carcinogenYUMS!
  • Mmmm, I love me the burned bits.
  • We will eat the non-burned bits and be happy with it.
  • This would NEVER have happened if I had cooked. NEVER!
  • My response is not represented in these poll options

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this is a weird thread @saps


what about soup

gf often eats breakfast stood up and it really stresses me out

Still needs a drink obviously

I feel stressed just thinking about it

don’t believe that is obvious, actually

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Well I wouldn’t wash down a fish supper with a cup of minestrone would I?


This article has a headline which is a question

either I get through a full pint of water yet am still thirsty, or I entirely forget that I poured a drink

I’m Mr Big Links

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Interesting, thank you

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what the fuck are you talking about

I dunno…

i think my point was that if I wouldn’t wash down food with soup, then soup doesn’t count as a drink itself and therefore still needs a drink to wash it down? :woman_shrugging: