Definitive list of rules for public transport / commuter bill of obedience

I knew that translation didn’t read right! Nice try Hoogie!

The poles are both sexy for holding and mischievous for leaning


The person in the seat behind me on this train is annoying the hell out of me. They’re doing that thing that mainly old people do whereby instead of reading in silence they’re actually reading to themselves in a really ASMRy loud whisper - in Norwegian

• don’t

Oh god. Said person has just moved to the seat next to me because they were in the wrong seat - sat in the seat of a person who just got on.


Guy sitting in front of me on the bus just there had his head no more than a foot away from the sign on the window about not smoking/vaping but still sat trying to blow his shit out out the window of the moving bus, which was obviously going right into my face instead.

What did I do?

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  • Nothing

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  • Don’t make the driver tap the sign