Definitive list of things people on here can help with


If you can offer a bit of free advice to people on here please say what you know about and are willing to offer some help with occasionally


I know a bit about and can help with:

Designing social research
Writing social sciences and law essays
Public policy research
Engaging with legislators and navigating legislative processes
Organising events


I have basically naff all to contribute, apart from:

library career advice
can help with research a bit, especially on financial / business topics
pretty much anything to do with :biking_woman:
The Isle of Wight


Practical, friendly, cost-effective cycling advice is my niche.


HR (pay & benefits are my specialty but I know/can always get an answer on most issues)
The dying world of print music journalism


I’m alright at excel and tableau


Penoid card games
The history and discography of The Donnas
Intellectual property rights (you can attend one of my pro bono IP clinics, which are VER


Power BI
Where to go and stay in North Yorks

I am the EXCITING one on this forum


Holiday destinations in and around South West Devon. Also advice and recommendations in the city of Bath
Hospitality industry advice
A little camping/outdoorsy stuff now


Eating and drinking in Glasgow, kind of
Getting into and surviving teaching
Essay structure
Basic DIY, maybe
Basic life stuff


Debt advice
Dog advice
North Yorkshire



Excel, a bit
Videogamey type stuff
I try to help in the depression thread I guess
Pubs/restaurants in Cardiff
Um…I can make decent hot sauce?
I have an excellent library of pictures of the same cat (mostly asleep)?

I’m not much use tbh.


Not much practical stuff to offer really but the two things I know a fair bit about;

Amputee experience, prostheses (arm)
IBM mainframes (back, back, one question at a time please!)


Might have to fight over #4? North Yorks quiz-off winner takes all, or split into sub-regions?


Clerkenwell restaurants
Designer doormats
Public transport in the Netherlands


Also advice on certain MH issues
And like @colossalhorse I am a good source of cat photos.


I could go a good hot sauce recipe. Consider yourself useful my man.


North London
Excel a bit
Logic X

This is less of a list I can help with and more of a tinder bio


War stories about local journalism.
General advice about the publishing industry.


Brighton tips
Some Excel stuff (but it looks like I’m not the only one)
Housebuying (having gone through three purchases over the years)

also a keen interest in craft beer and wanker coffee, but they’re the kind of thing that people like to share their experiences with rather than ask questions about.