Definitive list of things you won't eat



Some people on twitter are talking about keeping a list of things their friends won’t eat and I remembered we have a lot of babies over here that don’t like water or mushrooms or coriander.

List what you will not eat for taste reasons ONLY below and we can judge/update the spreadsheet.



There’s nothing I’ve previously eaten which I wouldn’t eat again, plenty that I’d never buy or order though

  • salmon
  • prawns
  • actually quite a lot of seafood
  • olives
  • lamb

Think that’s about it. Gf says this makes me an incredibly fussy eater.


Dead animals
Mayo-like substances


very little, probably just fennel, it’s boke


I started a new job on the same day as this other weird guy and our boss took us for lunch where she told us she hated seafood and he started doing an impression of a weird clam thing that poked out and went ‘wooo’ and he did a kind of jazz hand very close to her face and she told him to stop because it was making her feel sick just the thought of it.


I don’t like aniseedy flavours generally, but a wee bit of fennel has its place.

I can’t remember where right now, but somewhere.


perhaps a wee bit in the right place but a whole lot or bulb is boke, same goes with chicory


• Cucumber
• Horseradish/mustard/wasabi/anything with that weird nose taste thing
• Oysters
• Black licorice


I like the taste of licorice but I won’t eat it because it makes me poo too much.


Hang on, I forgot this one. And it’s a major one. Can’t even pick it out, it leaves its cucumbery taint on everything it touches.


Apple pie/crumble/strudel


Up until the last 2 posts, none of you had really made fools of yourselves


YES. Cucumber is the absolute worst.



Raw fish/sushi/smoked salmon - Although I have had to make exceptions and force it down several times recently


Cucumber (for reasons stated above)
Parents now make a weird celery/nut/apple/mayo salad and claim that it tastes nice when in fact it tastes like georges marvellous medicine


This is possibly the most shocking.


Mushrooms (when cooked. I’ll eat them raw)
Milk / Cheese / Dairy etc


It’s always refreshing to see how many people are disgusted by cucumber, always think it’s just me being a bit of a baby.

Went to some fancy bollocks ‘experimental cuisine’ restaurant shite on holiday, and they gave you a ‘cucumber margarita’ as a welcome drink. Felt I had to at least try it. Fucking vile.


Explain why please.