Definitive Thread : Ghosts

  • Real
  • Not Real
  • I Want To Believe

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  • I have seen a ghost/I know someone who has and believe them
  • I laugh in the face of ghost seers, laugh I do
  • I don’t know anybody

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  • Impossible, arrogant human fantasy
  • Some sort of weird physics light thing we can’t explain
  • Actual ghosts

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Ghost is an anagram of Thogs


No Des’Ree options?

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  • Ghosts say “whooooooooooooo”
  • Ghosts say “boooooooooooooo”

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Obviously bollocks, but my brain still reckons it’s seen one. Daft thing.


You are your brain

It’s the sight that I fear most

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wee ghosties

I don’t believe in that stuff but the TV swears outright that she saw something weird and her sister claims to have simultaneously seen the same thing so IDK what to say really

Was on holiday with my mate’s family in Plymouth (not that one, the American one). Woke up in the night, was sure I could see a bright light at the foot of my mate’s bed and a human shaped figure rising out of it. I was awake, because I was speaking to my mate trying to get him to wake up, which he eventually did.

Thing is, though, the human brain is so easily tricked into “seeing” faces and bodies because it’s one big pattern recognition machine. It gets it wrong a lot.

(Later found out the hotel we were in was ThE mOsT hAuNtEd BuIlDiNg In ToWn!!!)

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Alright @TheBarbieMovie2023

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What is the spookiest thing there is?

  • A ghost
  • A ghoul (?)
  • A goblin
  • A skeleton
  • A zombie
  • A boogeyman
  • A human being…

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I’m going to say a ghoul (?) because of the added suspense.


For those who don’t believe in ghosts, would you spend a night in a haunted house on your own?

  • No
  • Yeah thought not

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Mate, I fucking grew up in a haunted village, I’d spend a night in that gaff any day of the fucking week

that just sounds like you had a really calm intruder

Not as good as The Fragile.