Definitive Thread : Ghosts

hook hand car in the car door hook


depends how you define ‘real’ doesn’t it!


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  • Godzilla
  • King Kong
  • Loch Ness
  • A zombie with no conscience

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You can’t always trust what it tells you, Antonio.

This is the spookiest fact of all…

Hell yeah. Just point me in the direction of the room with the secret panels and pictures with eyes that follow you round the room

ghosts can’t go woooo or booo really, they don’t have lips

Who are these dickheads?

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Please don’t speak about Aslan that way


Funny how many ghost sightings happen when someone’s barely/only just awake, a time when your brain is - if you’ll excuse the scientific terminology - all over the fucking shop.


You should be a stand up!

yeah - I’ve had countless incidents of waking to mysterious spooky figures standing over me. All just my stupid brain

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We have a bag of these taking up valuable cupboard space and I keep pretending I’m too scared of them to eat them saying “they’re too spooky for me” when my partner tells me to get rid of them


I once woke up in the middle of the night and saw the ghost of a monkey crawling through the coats in my wardrobe. This unsurprisingly rattled me and it woke up my boyfriend at the time who was sleeping next to me. He was a bit annoyed at me and asked me why I had woke him. I pointed to the monkey and he saw it too and it shocked him as well. We both went back to sleep after that, but will often bring it up together to verify that we did see it. It definitely was a ghost rather than an actual monkey though.

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Why is it “arrogant”?

No, they don’t exist and from my own experience let me tell you why:

Then we climbed to the peak we planted a flag
But the moment we had, i felt bad
And then night came, so we got into our sleeping bags
And then someone told a story about something dead and gory

There was heat
From the fire
But i still froze when i saw the ghost

I told the gang we weren’t welcome
The ghost made that clear
So we stepped back, but it was drawing near
And it lunged for our throats
So we packed our things, made tracks,
Undid our footprints, even furled our flag, and…

We were gone! but what was on the top of the mountain,
The mountain top?

Sweet nothing! I made it up
So we would make it down with no claim on Ghost Mountain


Plus all those times you’ve inexplicably woken up covered in ectoplasm.

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Quite interested in the idea of ghosts in the hauntological sense though.

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What is this nonsense

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