Video here. I like it, very Korea-esque


Like that. Much better than the first single.


“Balance, balance, balance”. It’s great, love it

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This is really good. Like really really good

Came here to give Ohms another spin, got face refreshingly blown off instead

Edit: just realised new album comes out in a WEEK


yeah dig that

bring on the album

That’s more like it!

Great listen but had to turn it off when the host started telling Chino how great Coldplay and Embrace are


He didn’t mean that Embrace tbf…


Ah. He used it in the same context as U2 and Coldplay so you can see why I’d think he did. That and the fact I’ve never heard of the other Embrace


Fucking YES!! Haven’t liked a Deftones track this much on a first listen since You’ve Seen The Butcher.

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Also, my 3 year old son (who, for context, gets upset when he hears Leonard Cohen singing Avalanche because it’s ‘too scary’) seems to love it. Winner.

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Haha, mine said, “I don’t like it, it doesn’t look nice.”! Yet he’s always asking to put a Lickgoldensky album on. Kids!

I don’t think I can tell the difference between good Deftones and bad Deftones. Sounds like a Deftones track.

Steph’s guitar actually sounds like a guitar though, which is good. Probably a testament to how good digital modelling amps are now.

Ordered the CD of Ohms, after remembering that CDs exist!

(Don’t have a turntable, so don’t @ me vinyls people)

Thought this was a pretty cool idea…

Always fancied having my own dot

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Seminal DIschord band with Ian Mackaye in with members of The Faith (not including his bro). My least favourite of all the DC bands around the mid 80’s but still worth a listen…loads of folk like them.

Only had the one LP

MAH has an interview with Chino going out on 6Music in the next few minutes if anyone is interested. She’s been talking about how it covers Black Stallion… wonder if there’ll be any actual news on it/a WP reissue

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Just been Mastered… but same running order of reworked tracks! Electronic-based :slight_smile:

About 1h32 min if anyone wants to listen

I enjoyed it!