Deki Alem

Among Heads is the EP of the year so far, Undercover Ecstasy track of the year

Two Somali-Swedish brothers from Gothenburg mixing jungle, dancehall, rave, pop, indie, & rap. Can hear elements of all sorts in this, from The Specials & Justice to SL2, The Streets, ASAP Rocky, Beck, Tyler, Pharrell. Best new act from Sweden by miles.

I’m sure tons of people on here will love this, I’ve had it on repeat for a couple of weeks now


Listening to this on the train home. This is just… chef’s kiss.

It’s great isn’t it? I’m glad someone else has had a listen

It really is. Both the EP and the Razor / Wet Paint are definitely going to get many repeat listens. Even messaged a friend out in a LA, Marvin Berry style…. You know that sound you’re looking for? Well, listen to this.

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There’s videos for razor/wet paint too. They’re pretty low budget but they have a vibe as well

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Can’t believe more people haven’t listened to this EP, it is so good