Delayed flights: an advice thread

I’m off to Dublin for a few days in a couple of weeks and I’ve seen today that the RyanAir pilots are looking to strike on the day we are due to fly home. This will be the first time I have encountered anything like this so I’m considering options.

Anyone know what should happen if the flight home is binned? Is there an onus on the airline to find an alternative? Anyone had experience of what RyanAir are like in these situations? What’s my position re compensation?

Any help gratefully accepted.

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Worst comes to worst, you live in Dublin now


Worth reading up on your rights here. Your case will come under shorthaul.


I think it’s safe to say Ryanair will be absolutely useless.


Absolutely this, getting a refund from Ryanair was more admin than buying a house.

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Not my ideal choice but I took a punt on them being able to get us from Birmingham to Dublin and back without too much drama…

If you can book another flight home with an alternative airline, then I’d do it now (as long as it’s not ££). You will eventually get booked onto an alternative flight, and will be able to claim back compensation, but I’d just try and preemptively sort it out if possible, to save you sleeping on a floor and waiting around for hours

If you don’t book an alternative, I’d advise getting yourself a CAA reference number as soon as you can.

BA spent about ten days denying they were any fault for a load of rescheduled flights that they failed to notify us about, but suddenly accepted liability and apologised when I sent them the CAA number.


All good advice above. In terms of what I’d do in your shoes, it depends how urgently you need to get back for work/ other responsiblities. However rest assured that in terms of any kind of money handed out for subsistence or board, ryanair will give you the absolute bare minimum. I would take your credit card with you and be prepared to use it.

how about finding someone and dublin up?


120 quid. Peace of mind, innit

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