Deleting posts from old DiS

Disagree completely.

It’s not a debate. It’s a statement of fact. You’re wrong.

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It isn’t just the pictures that concern people!

Everything is a debate there is no such thing as fact but you know that

I’m just saying if people have got privacy concerns posting anything on a completely open and searchable forum should be more of a concern

there’s a level of acceptable risk that comes with posting here. No one is saying otherwise. But there’s clearly a big difference between posting here and having the option to delete it later, to getting your content emailed to x number of strangers.


you’re missing what actually concerned people. re-read the thread, or listen to what people are saying to you now.


Really? Everything is a debate? Are you going to argue in the Jeffrey Epstein thread that well, actually, it is not a fact the child molestation is bad and we should debate the issue?

I’m capable of reading, I’m saying people concerns should be with their privacy as an whole

I think safebruv has a point. Ultimately there’s a level of personal responsibility here. People have said they feel comfortable posting selfies and personal stuff here because of the intimate nature of the community, but it has been demonstrated time and time again that this is not a private forum and anything you post here is visible beyond the person you are replying to. If you’re in doubt about posting something, you probably shouldn’t.

All that being true, it would still be of benefit if the site were constructed in such a way that people had more control over the material they posted, and didn’t go out of its way to disseminate potentially personal posts.


Completely agree

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is a huge climbdown from


And you’re still wrong.

How much more? For who? For some? For all?


I’m sure they have that concern and have considered it, however the aspect of having their posts pushed at strangers rather than just being available for strangers to find was beyond the scope of their consideration


It’s a bit like going to the beach with your mates and having fun and then waking up the next day and there’s photos of you all on the beach in the local paper

It’s almost as if @anon32406580 and I didn’t cover this entire conversation in 3 posts earlier today :wink:

This is quite scary.

Interesting, thanks - is that the DiS main site ones or the ones you have to agree to when signing up on Discourse do you know?

I’ll add it to my todo list (not that I can actually fix them myself!).

Ta - appreciated :slight_smile:

everyone pointing out that posts in the selfie threads are often among peoples most liked posts reminded me that my 2nd most liked post is in this thread… might be worth binning off if people want gone?

  • delete ‘worst picture of you’ thread
  • leave as is

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this also has lots of pictures of people in

  • delete ‘best picture of you’ thread
  • leave as is

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other than these two, i can’t think of any threads outside the selfie ones that contain lots of user pictures

not sure what the threshold should be on these polls, i guess if only 5 people say delete them, they could ask the mods to delete their posts, but if it was 20+ people deleting the threads completely might be easier

as they’re both big threads, can imagine binning them entirely might be simplest