Deleting posts from old DiS

could things be moved to the lounge?

Not everyone has access I think but could be wrong

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there’s private threads for the DiS_State label stuff and they always max out at 500

we’re on the tenth rollover now … 5000 posts!

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You can delete accounts with under a certain number of posts

It’s not a large number. I increased it once and it almost destroyed the server when I tried to delete the guy.

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It’s about 20,000 posts it used to be less than that but after some requests to delete accounts and all associated posts we increased the post threshold alongside the user age (i.e users who’s first post is older than (x) days).

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Yeah it’s there, but I think the reason it hasn’t come up more is that the overwhelming majority of the people who ask to have their accounts deleted etc have more than the max amount of posts you can have for it to be actually deleted. Hence the anonymising option being used way more.

It’s not like this is a secret thing that we will only do if someone knows exactly what to ask for. Whenever someone messages us to have their account deleted/locked down/anonymised or whatever, we look at what options are available for that specific account and go from there. If the account has less than xxx posts then obviously complete deletion is a possibility that we will put forward, no matter how the request is worded.

Should add this was right near the start of the site. It’s actually possible they’ve improved the system since then but as you never get a list of updates and changes from them I have never considered if it was now possible to delete members with lots of posts.

Mistersappy had very few from what I recall.

Probably not because I think your old account was older than the maximum age threshold

This is what it currently says in the admin section of a user profile:

«Users can’t be deleted if they have posts. Delete all posts before trying to delete a user. (Posts older than 1460 days old can’t be deleted.)»

See above

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Let me take a look at a profile with a lower post count, that one was someone who posts a lot. Hang on.

I think so, although the maximum age threshold was set lower before so at the time it might not have been an option.

Ok well I just looked at yours now, and there’s still the issue that every single post a user has made would have to be manually deleted by one of us. That’s a huge job once the user in question has posted for anything more than a few days.

Edit: That being said, we can of course check with Discourse if it’s possible to change these settings now.

You’ll have had too many posts for that to be an option for us. But as I said, we’ll check with Discourse if there are other options available now.

As WR mentioned we’ll typically try and delete the account first off but if we can’t then we’ll offer other options, it’s quite likely it might not have been an option for us at the time.

With mistersappy he’d barely posted anything so it was actually a fairly small matter to delete the account.

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Ok, how do you suggest we should handle it, based on the options and tools that are available to us?

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When did I say this? It currently says «Users who have posts can’t be deleted». Just «posts», no amount.

Edit: Pretty sure it used to be 2k.

We do (try to) handle it consistently, and tell each person which options are available for them.

Yeah apologies if this came off as though you had to specifically say “I want all my posts deleted rather than anonymized” that’s not the case whenever anyone asks for their account to be deleted if it falls within that threshold we will offer it as an option.

after being run through their options.

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