Deliveries you're waiting for atm

  • Whiteboard/Pinboard combo for my office
  • Running socks (2 pairs)
  • Tracky bottoms for lounging around in
  • Emotion 5-year anniversary reissue (delayed to December :cry: )

Think that’s it

  • Penelope Trappes Eel Drip EP
  • Penelope Trappes Penelope One LP
  • Amazon Fire Stick, Ethernet adaptor for stick and 5m Ethernet cable
  • Fluocaril high fluoride toothpaste

Later this week:

  • Heather Trost LP
  • Anna Von Hausswolff Ceremony reissue LP
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This filthy desk for phd wfh


Some girly bits and pieces for my sister in laws Christmas and birthday that are two weeks apart and are normally a nightmare to buy for

Some foam pipe insulation

7 x records one ordered a year ago tomorrow.
And a new Kallax that is due to arrive on Saturday. This is due to the constant awaiting of records.

Make that 6 one has literally just been dispatched

Autechre LP
Beer (mikkeller advent calendar)
More beer (box of sour beers)
Even more beer (box of stouts)
Eurorack case
mudguards for bike
boardgame (gift)
Measuring cups (gift)

We just bought one this exact desk a week ago.

A long sleeve t-shirt. That’s all.

Some jumpers from America
It’ll be weeks before they arrive and when they do I’ll have forgotten I ordered them so that’ll be a nice treat

A book about fungi.

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Sewing pattern for a coat
Mushroom print fabric x 2 (not for the coat)

Taylor Swift’s Folklore and CRJ’s on vinyl. Not due until December though :frowning_face:

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A USB-c cable so that I can charge my phone.

Exciting I know

OH also a salad fingers plush toy because it’s 2008 in my head

  • EHX bit crusher
  • Boss OC-5 octaver

Annoyingly, the bit crusher is ready to go but it’s being held until the OC-5 gets in, and that’s been delayed by a few weeks.

I just want to make video game soundtrack noises :pensive:

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Also this bc in lieu of pints I’m spending my cash on trying to assemble a Speedy Wunderground record collection

It was delivered as I typed this! I willed it into existence!

PlayStation 5 that’s getting delivered to a shut shop and i can’t change the shipping address

not a thing

Taylor Swift folklore LP
4x Mrs F Christmas presents
1x Paperchase (wrapping paper, cards etc)