Deliveries you're waiting for atm

Oh a few more LPs actually but I ordered those from Brazil yesterday so not expecting them for about a month.

xmas presents that my mum sent that i’m pretty sure will never arrive
roisin murphy sweatshirt

Rowing Machine - dispatched on Tuesday. Heard nothing since.

wife received some snails in the post yesterday that should have been delivered on Saturday and they were all dead so she’s got to order some more.

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Transmissions From The Satellite Heart by The Flaming Lips on LP.
A 12" single for my GF.

That’s it.

Happy Thursday everyone


Some coffee (should have arrived yesterday)
A book (should have arrived last week)

Can’t get that annoyed with the lads down at the post, sure they’re doing their best.

hahaha are you isolating or just couldn’t be arsed to go and let them know?

Hoodie from uniqlo. Usually go for zip up ones but the endless cold weather has made me want one that will keep me warmer, so I grabbed a sale one.

New speaker bar thing and a keyboard / mouse set from Amazon

a mug which says “Niki likes Big Dick’s”

(yes, with the apostrophe.)


Post from Uk to Ireland is completely shagged.
Post from Ireland to Ireland is also completely shagged.

Talking heads record - (got a refund for this without asking because it’s been sat in a Royal Mail warehouse somewhere since before Christmas, will probably turn up next week)

Stick blender - ordered New Year’s Eve, could’ve clicked and collect on the same day but didn’t,and now it’s sat in a warehouse somewhere.

Aside: Christmas card from Uk posted on 17th December arrived on 3rd jan.

Christmas card posted from Vietnam on 17th december arrived 4th jan.

Got a mini dehumidifier arriving sometime today

Ordered a mini CD player for the kitchen last night, but I’m gonna be click and collecting that from Richer Sounds

All about the mini here

Have ordered some filing stuff and stationery, cross stitch supplies. Hope they’ll get here by my birthday in March?!

A scarf that I impulse bought and spent far too much money on because it’s got cats on it
Toadstool earrings
Some skincare products and temporary purple hair dye :purple_heart:

I just watched him do it in shock. I live on a straight, normal road so didn’t even consider the possibility of him getting back in his van and just leaving

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You watching him drive off



My Jay Electronica LP & Frank Ocean 7” have finally been dispatched today only 10 months & 14 months later

replacement power supply for my work laptop cos mine has been a bit temperamental recently

two records from the Pie & Vinyl sale (Girl Band - Live at Vicar Street; Lankum - Between the Earth and Sky)

Owl John CD from ebay

Wooden Shjips record that i bought from ebay in December that’s shipping from America but to my main address that i’m not currently at so i’m hoping it’s quite slow arriving so that i can get it redelivered when i get back without any hassle

Yep, totally fucked. If I get anything in the post in the next few weeks I’ll be surprised.

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  • a smart plug so we can turn the radio into an alarm

That’s it