Deliveries you're waiting for atm

replacement power supply for my work laptop cos mine has been a bit temperamental recently

two records from the Pie & Vinyl sale (Girl Band - Live at Vicar Street; Lankum - Between the Earth and Sky)

Owl John CD from ebay

Wooden Shjips record that i bought from ebay in December that’s shipping from America but to my main address that i’m not currently at so i’m hoping it’s quite slow arriving so that i can get it redelivered when i get back without any hassle

Yep, totally fucked. If I get anything in the post in the next few weeks I’ll be surprised.

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  • a smart plug so we can turn the radio into an alarm

That’s it

Box of chocolate from Montezumas (my third lockdown order from them, not including stocking up when they briefly reopened). Due tomorrow according to the email I got earlier

Canon EF:R adapter, which was a free gift with the new camera I bought last October. It’s taken until yesterday for them to send it, and according to the tracking it’s somewhere in Dublin right now

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Update. Vendor has informed her that they are in fact hibernating. :thinking:

Hmm still waiting, the reviews for the courier, XDP, online do not fill me with confidence

Had a mild panic when I opened them but realised that is a protective blue film and I didn’t accidentally order blue mudguards

what colour are they underneath?

New blue!


(polished silver, apparently. I’m too scared to look)

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Waiting for a 3 ply black stratocaster scratchplate

I’ve got an a1 print of a board game I’m making coming in the next few days, then I can subject the mrs and her parents to a game.

Then next week I have one of those nirvana tshirts with the Hanson picture coming.

Really exciting times all round

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What are the snails for?

Waiting for one of M’s Christmas present I bought in November, I did buy it from Canada and they did wait 10 days before sending which I want best pleased about.

Also waiting on two parcels of wool. Cant stop buying wool, help me.

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Do tell.

Both have now arrived. Thanks for all your kind words and thoughts everyone.

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Fish tank. They eat algae. The loach eats them. Some of the bigger fish eat the babies of smaller fish. It’s almost a functioning ecosystem.

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It’s really just for family and maybe friends. You smuggle contraband across the UK while avoiding the police and the other players, you get more money for taking more loot over longer distances but there’s more risk of getting caught. The TV reckons it’ll be boring, I’m divided.

I’m also trying to make a space exploration game where 4 players fight each other for resources while trying to battle off an alien apoalcalypse. I’ve no idea whether this one will even work.

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Excellent. Do post pics when it arrives.

Montezumas chocolates arrived as expected within the advised window, so that’s good. And I just had a cd I’d forgotten all about turn up too.

Looking at the tracking details for my camera bit, it’s been released by customs, and is still on track for delivery on Tuesday. Fingers crossed! (Although, that said I’m sure there’s multiple flights from Dublin to Gatwick and I’m less than an hour from there, so why should it take another three days?)