Deliveries you're waiting for atm

I’m waiting for deliveries from Castelli, Pinarello, Lovehoney, and Awesomemerch :raised_hands:t2::scream:

Postman gonna get HASSLED next week

Apparently Hermes might be delivering some picture frames today.

Meant to be getting some Mexican goodies arriving on Monday, too. Probably drunkenly bought a record or two I’ve forgotten about too, so maybe them, idk.

Still hasn’t arrived

Death Cab For Cutie?

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Something something booty


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I was just nosey and curious.

I got a new one in around July after the belt snapped on my old one.

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Just arrived!

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Certainly, but be aware it’s basic AF! I did it on ms paint and it’s a1 scale so it’s going to be rather pixelated I feel

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Just got a dispatch email :partying_face:

3 section kartell componibilli
Neil Young archives vol 2
Charlie Brown Christmas vinyl

Nice one!

Enjoy the assembly of it. I’m shit at DIY and flat packed stuff. But enjoyed making my one up.