Delivery fury thread


I’m expecting a delivery. I’m sitting in my lounge in full view of the front window and path leading to the front door. I receive an email saying I wasn’t in, attached is a picture of my back/side gate(accessible from the back only but technically side). Had he gone through the gate and looked through the window he would have seen me sitting there.

Then I use the contact link for phone and chat and they are both automated and AARARRRRAGFGGGHGHGH


how did they get a photo of your backside??


It’s in full view of the front window


I leave one attached to the gate.

This is no laughing matter, japes!

I have emailed them and they should get back to me in 24 hours!


My delivery for my home broadband and TV was received perfectly, the services however are NOT working!


Think you might have forgotten to attach the picture. Am always doing that!! :upside_down_face:


don’t i know it.

had the same thing when i was last waiting for a delivery. had taken a day off work, stayed inside all day long and the fuckers sent me a picture of my front door



They’ve done u, picture evidence as well! Did he not ring yor bell? (ooh er)


This level of detail is terrifying.


He didn’t go to the door RONALD! He went to the side WHERE THERE IS NOT A DOOR JUST A WAIST HIGH GATE. Our door is a the front and we have an additional one at the BACK! He went somewhere where there were NO DOORS!


the delivery guys taken the day off and sent everyone a edited google street pic of their front door - evil genius


What company is that? Let’s name and shame. This is DPD



There is not a google street pic at that side as it is a block of gazzas.


BT (British Telecom) a simple switchover from Sky Broadband to the BT service that uses the exact same connection has been a SHAMBLES.


Ooo… look at James Joyce here, mixing up his tenses.


May I be so bold as to enquire about the content of the delivery?




It is a present for my wife’s birthday. That is all I will say.

(not a bum dildo)