Delivery fury thread

Amazon just left a package under my doormat. The contents of that package? Lightbulbs. Literally the most breakable thing you could ever leave under a fucking doormat.

Royal mail did this to me once with a record. I had obviously stood on it to open the door before finding the card saying it was there. Thankfully it was unharmed.

Oh they’re constantly doing that to me with records. Thankfully I haven’t shattered one so far…

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delivery via UPS

when I go on their website with the tracking code says not been delivered as address was wrong

haven’t had a call or even an email tho


Lived in a block that did this 4 moves ago. Miss it so much.

I’m in a flat with a letterbox in the main entrance. We are probably 2 seconds walk from the letterboxes. I ordered some fabric and Royal Mail decided to make a half arsed attempt to post it into our letterbox, leaving it probably 60% hanging out. It probably took longer to do that than just bring it to us. I’ve since had a Hermes parcel that probably would have fit in the letterbox go missing.

now their website says I need to update my address

but I can’t

what the fuck, useless fucking cunts

If the driver has done 15 stops since 9:30am, and I’m stop 165, I presume my delivery will be here… next Tuesday?

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Update: driver got to about 90 and then sacked it off and went home. Fair play.


FFs, I tweeted at DPD earlier as I caught one of their drivers pissing all over the side of my apartment. Reported him via DM and then people started giving me abuse for reporting him.

A lad I know who’s a postie started saying he was going to get fired. HE WAS PISSING ALL OVER MY GAFF FOR FUCK’S SAKE. He didn’t stop when I asked him too and then told me to complain and see if he cared.

completely impossible to just pause a piss though innit


I understand why he didn’t stop straight away but he ended up turning towards me and was pissing away in my direction then. Delightful stuff.

If he had buzzed us and went “D’you mind if I take a piss in your flat?” then I would have ushered him in. As it was he walked past me as I was leaving the apartment, went around the corner and started pissing away.

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I know your intentions were good but what are they supposed to do? Probably not allowed in people’s houses and there are so few public toilets about.

I’d have pissed there too if I “had” too. It’s really awful being dying for a piss with nowhere to go

Nah, I’m not having that. Pissing on my house? Absolutely not.

I think it was him walking right past me and around to my sitting room window that irked me. He knew I was there, he just didn’t give a shit.

I’ve been that person dying for a piss before too but I’d at least wait until the coast was clear and I wasn’t pissing where anyone could see me.

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Yeh all sounds a bit odd.

I’m gonna piss on your house

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When I worked in a call centre my colleague had to deal with a complaint like this that included - and this definitely did not help - a photo of the driver giving the finger to the person making the complaint.

I do feel sorry for drivers because what are they supposed to do? Especially DPD and that where they might have unrealistic workloads. I can understand not wanting them to shamelessly piss on your house though. The complaint probably lies with DPD as a company for not giving drivers enough time to stop somewhere with a toilet. (Although I don’t think my old employer’s drivers had unrealistic workloads and I guess that guy had just got caught short)