Delivery fury thread

Three deliveries away, just down the road. It could all go horribly wrong from here…

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"Sorry you weren’t in, so…

:black_square_button: Left with a neighbour
:black_square_button: Stored it in your Secure Place
:white_check_mark: Poured it through the letterbox

Love, Norman @ DPD"


Ooh I’m fuming.

I had to wait while Norman took a picture of the box in my porch, outrageous.

And my stuff is slightly overpackaged.


Will this do?

No one likes a bragger

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ricardo, here’s the source

Pretty sure I’ve got the genuine real deal out of this. Easy to order, quick to deliver, and certainly no more expensive than Borough Market (lol). Going to use them again. In fact I feel they’re going to be an integral part of my Christmas gifting this year.

Slightly unnerving to look up their company address on google maps and find it’s someone’s house in Bromley, but seems like a pretty canny bit of cornering the market. Surprising how few importers of French stuff there are.

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Dear @colinfilth, and I sat this with as much love and respect as I have for you


But then I’d have to get my camera out, and the website has pictures of it when it’s cooked, rather than in jars and tins!

Ohhhh, you haven’t just taken delivery of a (ready) meal? :joy: I’m such a melon (raw, still wrapped)

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In this house we have a name for cassoulet: baked beans and sausages in a tin.

Tbh not sure I even know what a cassoulet is. Bit like a marrow?

Why thank you. That’s a real treasure trove!


sausages, beans.

I find it hard to believe you could troll round the south of France (or any of France for that matter) following bikes for three weeks without coming into contact with one.

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Or do you all just eat gels all the time?

Oh is THAT what that is. I think I called that a Caliphate at one point. Which does somewhat explain the surly service.


Basically just live on blueberry crisp CLIF bars for a month until I’ve run out then I might start asking for slices of lemon in my glass of Pepsi max

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I reckon if he could stuff a cassoulet down at the top of an HC then it would probably add a couple of kph to Hirschi’s descents, purely through the magic of gravity.

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I think we might need to start a cassoulet thread for you


I ordered some computer stuff from scan for pre-12pm delivery today. According to the tracking site it is in a DPD depot in Dudley where it has been for the last 11 hours. I’m in Kent. I don’t think it is going to make it in time.