Delivery fury thread

Have use them a few times for delivery via a UK based friend, who then bring it over to us here in France.
.As I use my email for the delivery/collection they email me when they are to pick up or deliver with a link if it’s a return for the label needed…forward the link on to friend… …It has worked well for us…Only time it went wrong was when I gave them my friends address incorrectly but a few days later they emailed me and I corrected the address, they went out on the arranged day for a 2nd time and it was a collection ,goods wrong size on that occasion…

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The Filth and the Delivery

Simply Be’s stupid fucking website ignored me putting in my parents address (although it’s saved the address so it knows I entered it!!) and decided to deliver to the address I haven’t lived at since August :see_no_evil: and it’s next day delivery so I can’t change it fucks sakeeeeeee WHY WOULD YOU DEFAULT TO AN OLD ADDRESS RATHER THAN THE ONE THE PERSON HAS LITERALLY JUST TYPED IN AND APPEARS AT EVERY POINT OF THE ORDER??? ludicrous