Delivery fury thread

I’ve never been in this thread because we don’t get Hermes in ireland

But I am now getting stuff shipped to the uk with Hermes and…wow this is fun!

I’ve Just messaged everyone in my family and said “yeah you’re not getting anything for Christmas sorry”

Welcome to the thread!

The post is driving me bananas now, had that lovely card sent out to me twice for secret Santa and it never arrived and the artist refunded me which I feel bad about, my calendar never came so the artist is sending me another and that’s not fair on her, and now another card I ordered has gone awol too. There’s no time to try and replace that one. That’s just stuff I’m aware of. Feels like most larger stuff is getting through but if it just seems like a card/ordinary post they just…dgaf. I know it’s tough going for the posties right now but it’s really bad how small businesses and/or their customers are losing out like this :angry:

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[checks watch]

no, but what do I do now? is there any way to contact a person and not their shitty digital assistant?

seems like they are going out of their way to be held to account for how shit they are

Parcels sitting with Hermes for a few days seems to be standard at the moment here. I’m guessing they’re really short on staff.

ah okay

well I’d rather wait than have to try and ring up somehow, so that’s kind of reassuring

Think you have to raise a complaint to actually get a person to look at it

And if it’s anything like the last dealings I had with hermes, they’ll tell you that they’ve never had the parcel they’ve updated the tracking for several times

is there an Ofcom for delivery services? because :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Waiting has worked for me recently! Like you say, trying to find out a way of getting someone to look at it is impossible and I doubt they’d even do anything.

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I wish!

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I had the very same with Hermes just before Christmas, got lost in the system for ages - contacted the company that I bought the jeans from and they sent a replacement out as Hermes stated it had been lost. This morning two pairs of jeans got dropped off by Hermes which was an unexpected surprise!

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Gah, my emergency back up guaranteed next day delivery is not here and I’ve just been waiting at the door watxhing the postie all excited…no dice. Ffs. Glad I keep paying for things that never materialise

Not a delivery fury moment thankfully (yet) but I got these 35 minutes apart this morning

Why are these companies like this?

(I probably should be furious because I actually chose delivery tomorrow but it’s Sunday morning, I’ll let that slide)

ordered something from h&m, put my current address in at the checkout, then get the dispatch notice and it’s going to my old address. now h&m and hermes are spiderman pointing at eachother about how neither of them can change the address and to contact the other. gonna have to contact my old landlady to try and retrieve it aren’t i. ffs.

‘Your parcel has been delivered to a neighbour.’

don’t spoil me with details there, guy. guess i’ll go and start knocking some doors. :eyes:


Sold something on eBay and sent via Hermes. Just been sent a pic of the proof of delivery and it is a picture of an entirely different package, or one that has been rewrapped and packaged as that is not what I wrapped it in……looking forward to the complaint that it looks like it has been kicked down the road.
Have also sent an old school TV via Hermes which is still in transit. Lol!!1111!!

y tho GIF

Is heavy, between 12-15kg. Royal Mail is like £30, Hermes £10 and also



sold a broken laptop on ebay, didn’t expect much for it but got a couple hundred quid. buyer immediately started sending loads of messages demanding i post it within 24 hours (ebay gives you 48 as standard) and has sent hassling messages every day. have provided proof of postage and a reference number but now they’ve launhced a claim and want a refund. when it’s only been like 3 working days since i posted it.

are these people just grifters or what? never selling on ebay ever again.

just wait until it arrives and they complain it doesn’t work.
Ebay has always been pretty good to me in terms of buyers. Everyone has been pretty reasonable. If I was selling expensive stuff/electronics I would stop people with less than a certain level of feedback from bidding though, as that does seem to attract some cowboys.
Have definitely jinxed my 2 recent sales that hermes look like they kicked up the road but have not been subject of complaints yet…