Delivery fury thread

If you sent it tracked and sold it as not working then I’m sure eBay will side with you once it’s delivered

Bought a dress on vinted. Chose DPD at the checkout. Messages I’ve had from the seller since buying seem to suggest she’s not too experienced in selling things online or the internet in general. She’s sent it with Yodel :frowning_with_open_mouth:. Tracking info shows it’s been sat at the drop off point since 7am Monday and hasn’t moved.

I think I should just write off all hope for this one.

Love to see my delivery hanging out of the postbox when I’m still hours from home

A few weeks ago my boyfriend was contacted by someone living a couple of miles away who’d received a letter for him in error

(actually she contacted his sister in law first as they had mutual friends, then wouldn’t let SIL have the letter without speaking to him directly, why she didn’t just put it back in the post I don’t know, it was all slightly odd but never mind)

Today the postie left a parcel outside our door that was addressed to [our flat number] [totally different address in same town]

Boyfriend looked at the name… it’s the same person who received his post.

Is this going to be a thing now? Is half our post going to start going to an address across town just because we’ve got the same house/flat number?


DHL and Evri (formerly Hermes) deliveries due today. It’s the 2nd attempt for the DHL one, even though I was in on Friday – they had a problem with my address.

What’s arriving today?

  • DHL
  • Evri (formerly Hermes)
  • Both
  • Neither

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Congratulations @ma0sm , all deliveries have arrived. Everyone who voted neither must pay ma0sm £30 each, as per the implied rules of the poll.

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Thanks all


I’ve sent it via yodel, I assume you’ll receive it shortly


ebay purchase, sent out July 29, expected delivery August 2-4, no further news and no tracking info that I can actually check for progress updates

irked when you spent then money on RM 1st Class

We live on the corner of two roads and I wanted to divert a parcel to the neighbours opposite as it’s being delivered while we’re away.

The house opposite is on the ‘other’ road though and Hermes will only let me pick neighbours on ‘our’ road :neutral_face:

Posted something with Hermes on 21st July, two day delivery service. Every day for about two weeks I’ve had an email advising me it’s out for delivery. After complaining I was told it’s because it’s a rural address. I sent them a Streetview screenshot of the area, it’s literally the main road in the biggest town in the North of England.


Ooooh are we on the Hermes Evri lolz? Detailed this over on the music board but don’t think I mentioned it here.

Ordered a bunch of cheap vinyl back in mid April from 365 Games. Free delivery was through, you’ve guessed it, Hermes Evri.

After a week it was still listed on the tracking as being expected from the seller. So I emailed 365, who said it’s lost, they don’t have any more stock of what I ordered, and offered me a refund. Fine, bit grumpy, but took it anyway.

Went to Porto at the start of June for Primavera. While I’m there I get an email from Evri, saying “your order has been delayed”. Curious, I click through on the email and it is this order. It then goes on to be delivered to a neighbour later that week.

I can only presume it hadn’t been scanned and was just in a pile of stuff in their depot, and someone found it. So it was six weeks late but I got everything for free?? Probably ok with that trade off tbh.


This parcel arrived, after twenty days.

I got in touch with Hermes and asked if there’s any sort of claims process for such a late delivery as I had to refund the customer, and they might as well have just emailed back “LOL, naaaah”.


Seems to be pretty common knowledge now, but the couriers sell pallets of parcels to third parties. They remove the delivery notes and cut your address off the boxes, then they sell the assorted blackwrapped pallets to resellers for £100-£150.

There was a guy in the unit next to where I work who’d buy them, strip them down, take all the good stuff, list them on Amazon, and rewrap and sell all the shite on pallets to other people for a profit.

Absolutely shouldn’t be allowed. They’re benefitting financially from their own incompetence. They’re re-selling your shit and not paying out on claims due to technicalities. Absolute shithawks.


Looks like this won’t matter anyway - they’ve had the parcel since Monday and it still hasn’t left their depot…

Complained to Evril for not sending my Gousto box to me. They sent me this

Sent it to the address I was housesitting to a few weeks ago, didn’t I.

  • Order album from ebay
  • Expected delivery 2-4 August
  • Send message on 8 August to say no delivery and no delivery attempts made, no update provided etc
  • Seller sends rambling message 10 August basically saying lol I sent it go find it at the depot
  • Seller escalates to ebay the next day sighting comms issues and that my lack of response means it probably arrived fine

urghhh, you don’t get this shit buying from a shop eh. Since they have no proof the item arrived I think I should be fine eventually, but just a hassle over an album I had expected to have already played a few times by now. And I am NOT going to the depot 40 mins away when I paid for first class postage, I can tell you that for free

I’ve just been delivered a letter which is addressed to a completely different city, road and postcode. But at least the house number is right :person_shrugging:


im waiting on a letter - what house number is it?

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