Delivery fury thread

I got one of these once, when I was living in London. It was for an address on Canvey Island in Essex.

Very securely delivered there, nice one amazon


I’m baffled rather than furious - this is one pair of trainers.


Quarter of the way through the slot and no info on when it’ll be coming

(Joke about ikea and needing to assemble my own delivery information)

Post seems to be extra shit at the moment. The usual stuff with Evri getting a parcel and then waiting at least a week to actually attempt to deliver it. On top of that, a coat I ordered has disappeared somewhere and I’ve been given a refund but it’s now out of stock everywhere :pensive:

Did they send left and right individually?

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If it makes this feel any better, this happened with a package of records for me earlier in the year. I got a refund, and then two months later they appeared. Best I can assume is that Evri picked it up, didn’t scan it properly, it disappeared into their warehouse, and then eventually found it.

Clogged up the main chat with my delivery woes didn’t I. Sorry DiS.

After despairing I actually got an Evri delivery today. Not the one I was moaning about but one I had completely given up on. The courier was really nice, he even walked up to my door and said hello instead of the usual leave it on the street outside my flat without even buzzing the buzzer and sending a photo mostly obscured by a thumb.

So that’s good. Now for parcel two… a very very very fragile glass lampshade.

Hopefully! But to be honest the tracking on the shop website was always a bit off, saying it was dispatched whilst also saying they were preparing the order still. So it’s either somewhere with Royal Mail or the shop have fucked up their stock and hid it, blaming RM.

Bought something off Argos at 8pm last night and it was here for 8am this morning.

Absolutely great bunch o’ lads.


OK, this time I am genuinely furious. Two pairs of full-price trainers, left outside my gaff, apparently hidden behind a bin. But not so hidden they haven’t gone walkies. Fuck Evri. (The delivery driver probably has a target to hit so I’m less concerned about them than the incentives/punishments that the company seems to run. Absolute clown car of an operation.)

i think they do same-day delivery for £4?!

Fun with DHL. I’ve been home all day, waiting for a parcel to be delivered. At midday I got a notification to say it had been delivered, with a picture to prove it. Definitely not me in the picture and definitely not my flat or building. Spent an hour talking to customer support - they contacted the courier who said he was going to pick it up from the incorrect address and redeliver to me this afternoon. Unfortunately I am no longer able to track it.

  • My beautiful jumper will be delivered today
  • Nothing will arrive and tomorrow DHL will have no recollection of any of this

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Update. DHL called yesterday to say that it has indeed been lost and they can’t get hold of the person they mistakenly delivered it to.

BUT - about an hour ago that very person turned up at my door with my parcel. What a saint.


love this!


Bookshelf delivered from Next today. Nice and prompt. Two boxes labelled 1 of 2. Of course I was WFH so didn’t notice this until I went to assemble the fucking thing, did I?

3 week turn around time to have the thing delivered properly because of supply issues. Mother of fuck.

Thanks to Jennifer the Door for accepting my delivery


was that 12:32am?

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Someone my wife works with regularly gets photos like this

Apparently the drivers usually mark it as ‘left with the receptionist/concierge’


looks like everyone is pissed off…