Delivery fury thread

Had an email from Next cheefully announcing “here’s what you will be opening by 2nd Feb” - finally got the link to book the delivery yesterday. 15th Feb at the earliest to replace the thing they fucked up once that I ordered at the start of January.

Called up for a very polite and completely futile moan. They are sending me a voucher. I want my bookcase.

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Oh wait, side gate! The capital E is all fucked up, that’s all. Ahhhhhh.

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Gareth Sidegate


Had an email supposedly from APC this morning saying they were delivering me something. Ignored it, deleted it, assumed it was fake as I had a UPS one the other day that was.

Had a text later (and another email) saying it was out for delivery and would be here between X and X. Was at work, so missed it but had a card left. So it is a legitimate parcel but I’ve not got a clue what it is.

Rearranged it for Tuesday and excited to see what my mystery package is. Hope it’s not a bomb.

It’s most likely a bomb.

How would you know? :thinking::thinking:

Now at the stage with Evri where, even if I’m going to be in my flat all day on delivery day, I’m getting it diverted to the Tesco Express because I trust that it’ll get there more than I trust them to actually attempt delivering it to me.

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I dread the day our evri driver gets a new job. He is so reliable friendly and helpful. I tip him every year.

Im at that stage too but they told me twice that i wasn’t in. It’s a shop!! Open til 9pm :sob: i hate them and won’t use ebay again until they stop using evri

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I wouldn’t mind Evri so much if their tracking wasn’t a heap of shit. They basically lie to you telling you that yes, your parcel is still due to arrive FIVE FUCKING HOURS AGO. Just be honest with us, lads.

Evri can’t deliver parcels to our address because it doesn’t show up on their system (it’s a new build).

Because our address isn’t there, we have no option to deliver to a local shop or neighbour, so we’re now on the 4th or 5th order where a parcel floats around the Evri system between out for delivery and back to the depot a few times, finally going back to the sender, to be resent via a different courier once we’ve contacted the shop. Infuriating how many places send via Evri but don’t actually say in the first place. Also infuriating how Evri keep saying they will update their system, but haven’t.

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My work have problems with new builds too because the data that tells the system where each address is physically located comes from a supplier and only gets updated every few months or something. So if there’s a new build with a new postcode I can add it into the system so it links up with a fulfillment location, but if it’s not in that data yet then someone in IT has to do some manual workaround to add the coordinates so that it can be planned into delivery routes until the next time our supplier sends us an update, otherwise customers there can’t place orders. I can imagine that Evri don’t give enough of a shit to work out what to do in those circumstances.

Ah interesting, makes sense that there’s some lag in the systems being updated. Annoyingly, our building was completed in November 2021 (!), and has had it’s current address and postcode accepting mail and visible on Google Maps since around May 2022, but for some reason Evri’s system is different and way, way behind. Have tried putting what3words into the description and mobile numbers etc, all gets ignored. Certainly true that they give absolutely no shits whatsoever about trying to fix it.

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Evri must be cheap as fuck for retailers to use or something considering the damage they must do to their reputations.


I’ve discovered this week that this also doesn’t work.

Had a parcel due on Wednesday. Went on the Evri website and said to deliver to my local parcel shop, a petrol station two miles away. Went to collect it yesterday evening… and it’s not there!

The local Evri courier’s lovely and makes a point to post to our local community facebook group. Got my partner to ask; he looked up the parcel, said he’d definitely dropped it at the petrol station the previous day. Then he let something slip:

The parcel shops are meant to hold onto parcels for a week. If they send it back, it counts as an interaction and they get paid. If it’s sent back before the week, it’ll get sent back out to the parcel shop. They can then send it back and get paid again.

Absolute bullshit. It means that there’s no motivation to actually hold onto the parcel, and I can’t change my delivery options again so it’s now stuck pinballing between petrol station and depot until it gets returned to sender.