Delivery fury thread

Used to work in a university library, and was constantly receiving deliveries that should have gone to other buildings, having delivery guys try and come in the wrong entrance etc. I sympathise with the (presumably) bullshit lack of good information the drivers get given, but it was well annoying. I once ended up trekking around the whole university for an hour looking for someone’s random parcel that had gone to the wrong place: fuck off!

Ordered some new glasses over a month ago. Usually up to 10 working days. Get a move on.

‘Handle with care’ but also ‘shove through letterbox’.

In fact, as it turns out, it doesn’t even fit through the letterbox. The postman gave it a couple of goes but then had to ring the bell.

Probably slightly churlish to say this, but it can be annoying when they’re too efficient as well. I ordered something with standard delivery on Thursday evening on the assumption it would arrive on Monday or Tuesday when I’m wfh and likely to be in the house all day. Just had a message to say it’s being delivered today between 11 and 12. Not the end of the world, but I was about to go out.

got at least 2 things just sat at croydon sorting office now that have been there for nearly a month. can i go and get them?! so infuriating

deep in delivery fury here.

work ordered me a standing desk two weeks ago from amazon. the day after, the delivery company’s (arrowxl) tracking thing said it was at the local hub. yay! a few days later it still said local hub. so i contacted them. they wouldn’t tell me anything as i couldn’t give them the correct phone number on the order. after a lot of back and forth it turned out there wasn’t a contact number listed on the order. eventually when i got through “security” questions, they gave me a delivery slot of today. great!

today arrives and i remember that yesterday i was meant to receive a text with a two hour delivery slot. so i contact them again. “oh, the delivery hasn’t been planned”. what! now it’s thursday.

honestly. how shit is this company? i have absolutely no faith that this desk will actually arrive, and in the meantime my back pain necessitating the desk in the first place is awful :confused:

Sister in law ordered my birthday present about 6 weeks ago. Was dispatched and then vanished without a trace. They’ve finally declared it as lost and sent another.

make sure all contact is made through amazon if thats where you ordered it - they usually chase it up not you - just get on the live chat

an added layer of complexity with this is that i didn’t order it - health and safety man at work did, and is shit at responding to my emails (and also said amazon were unhelpful), so i have no way of contacting amazon myself about it. highly annoying, knew i should have ordered it myself and claimed the money back.

if thursday doesn’t happen i’m going to get Really Fucking Annoyed and i will go back to H&S man / Amazon and shout a bit

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Had an ominous email from Evri last night saying they were unable to deliver my item only an hour or two after it had been sent by the seller - like it hadn’t even been collected from the drop-off point according to their tracker…