Delivery fury thread


will balonx get his thing (re)delivered today

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To be honest it isn’t usually a problem. Yer Yodels etc just sling the shit over (a different) side gate (that leads from the front to the back). And I use my son as a shield when collecting from Neighbours. Plus my wife is home on Mondays and me on Fridays.


Everyone look at Mr 2 (side) Gates here.


I am also working from home today because I was expecting a delivery.

Driver phoned me at 08:15 to say he’d be there in ten minutes. Just enough time for me to put some pants on and there he was at the door.

I still got to be a bit fucked off though, because he just dumped a pallet in the street outside the front steps and I had to carry about 300 tons of bookcase components up to the third floor by myself. Was too knackered to do any work for an hour or two after that.


One is just access from the front to the back and the other is external!


1st February is a Friday Jezza…


2020! And don’t ever call me Jordo again!


Sorry Jordo :disappointed_relieved:


Ordering merch from the US…

Paid £12 for postage of a small padded envelope.
It took 2 months to arrive.
I had to go and collect it from the post office, and pay an additional £13 tax and handling charge.
Half of my order was missing so I’m going to have to do this all again.

Fucking shit.


Just looked out the window and saw something red in front of my car on the ground. About 3-4m from the gate. It is the delivery card! I shit you not! Didn’t even luzz it over the gate!


I don’t make the rules here 'lonzy




I hate to say it but this was obviously going to happen. I have no faith in deliveries any more

Got to caveat this, because the Hermes guy who serves our area is a saint and a gentleman. Other than that, though, no faith


Waiting on something that still says the expected delivery was yesterday.
Got something with the expected delivery of today, but it left Boston this morning, so it’s not getting delivered today.
Had the latest issue of maximum rocknroll sent back to San Francisco for God knows what reason.


That solves it then, your parcel has been left with Jimmy Five Bellies.


Oh, it’s definitely gloating. I regret nothing!


Complained about a parcel not arriving recently and was told that it had arrived and the GPS co-ordinates are proof. What the shitting hell does that prove, that some donkey’s been within 100 feet of my front door before he nabbed my item, or that a driver’s left it outside?

Going back and forth with them now. They dug out a signature and presented it with jazz hands, fuck knows whose it is but it’s not mine. “It’s probably someone else at the property” some bright spark said. Stay on the line, Copernicus, i’ll check there’s not a family in the box room i’m unaware of.

How hard is it to leave a card, or to add a simple delivery intruction to the scanner, ffs? Simpletons.


This is like when they repeatedly told me my delivery had gone to my block of flats and I repeatedly explained to them that I LIVE IN A FUCKING HOUSE


TV’s lab uses these for blood samples. When she worked in London they had tubes which went underneath roads from the lab to the hospital.


Whatever next a moat! Where does your frivolity end!