Delivery fury thread


Omg that’s so cool!!


Have you ever thought of going there and… maybe… putting your willy in one of them?


Not until just now.


DPD are a bunch of useless cunts

i eventually had to reach out to Nike this week after 7 days of hearing nothing to finally force them to give me a refund.


Subhuman scum!


It’s base x height


DPD can’t be worse than Yodel, surely?


Ikea took 5 attempts to successfully deliver a sofa before Christmas. They kept confirming for a Saturday morning delivery then cancelling it and helpfully telling me they’d deliver on the next Wednesday instead.

+1 On the Yodel hate. Won’t order from anyone who uses them anymore.


Yodel’s devil may care attitude (luzzing over the gate I have spoken less of) plays right into my hands so I’m ok with them.


Flavourly comes via Yodel and never had a missed beer delivery, thank god.


Was supposed to have some shit delivered from Argos last Wednesday. Was supposed to arrive by 9pm, at 10 to 9 got a phone call saying the truck had broken down.

Soonest they could rearrange for is today. Checked my bank account earlier and I’ve been refunded for the stuff I ordered.

Either I’m getting some free furniture later, or it’s not turning up and they haven’t told me…


Just rang to see whether it would turn up and apparently my order was requested to be cancelled in store yesterday. By who, and in which store, is a complete fucking mystery.

Get in the fucking bin.




Has NOT been redelivered today.


can we put this sorry saga to bed now?


Not until it is in my hands!


you going down the depot (exciting option) or doing the whole thing all over again on Monday?


Do the whole thing again on Monday or at least my wife can… I’d she wants a fucking present!


Tyson’s postie brother


I considered going down the depot for my incident upturead, but I’d basically reached the social skills level of Michael Douglas in Falling Down by that point and didn’t trust myself to handle it rationally