Delivery fury thread


Went to the depot to pick up a parcel at 2pm. Closed at 1 didn’t it!!!


That’s too late to pick up the parcel!!


Well I know that now, don’t I!!!


Got something on order. Despatched on the 26th December. Tracking hasn’t worked… but it started working on Tuesday. It says:

Your order is in transit to the UK export facility. An update will be available in 24 hours.

Will it fuck. It’s been 96 hours and it’s still the same.



Oh yeah!

My xmas present from my mum hasn’t turned up yet. I think that our postman doesn’t like me though. He refuses to deliver my post I send within the town and we’ve not had a bunch of stuff turn up.


Would you believe it, it’s only happened again! Re-ordered some bits that were missing off the previous three (3) deliveries - of which I only received one, fact fans - coming this time with DHL. Parcel scanned at depot at 1:43 this morning. Now it is ‘delayed’. Why? They have LOST it in the warehouse. Just lost it in there somewhere. These are my annual jeans, I literally buy one or two pairs a year at most. Come the hell on guys. (I will say, however, that DHL customer services have been awesome so far and a total change from dealing with the punks at Yodel. Punks)


My wife has taken receipt of the parcel. Same guy, managed to find the front door this time.

Thanks for all your support.


Hadn’t been able to sleep all weekend for worry about this.


I’m still worried that she’s going to open it and ruin the present surprise.




waiting for a parcel i can’t afford to miss. need to go out and post something. irkage rising.

  • make a dash for the post office, hope for the best
  • patience you must have, my young padawan

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Have a coffee, wait it out - it’s a game of brinksmanship. The real test starts when you can only get to the post office with about five minutes to spare.


it’s amazon though so could come at 8pm for all i know


Just get on with Brexit Theresa


Oh hell, that’s a toughy then.

@safebruv Let me be clear, Eric will get his parcel delivered AND his post posted.


More an order rant than delivery.

For the second time in the last twelve months I’ve ordered something on discogs, the seller has gone quiet for a week, and then they’ve come back and told me that the item I bought isn’t actually in stock and must have been sold from their shop at the same time as my order. WHAT?


Not going to be home during a currently unspecified one-hour window at some point over the next three days?


The record shop near us made 80%+ (his estimate) on online sales, and he had a shop for some nefarious rent purpose as his wife rented the shop below and it was cheaper? Or something.

Anyway, yeah, I did wonder if that would happen that it sold in the shop then sold online and caused problems.


collect your parcel from the postie and hand him the other one


I’ve just had a phone call from a DPD driver saying he has my delivery, but I’m not expecting anything, and the name and address was wrong. If anyone thinks this might be their delivery, let me know, and between us and the driver we can try to sort it out.