Delivery fury thread


These are the fuckers who side gated me!



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HelloFresh eh? I did a trial with them a couple of years ago. Don’t remember much about what was included, but one of the ingredients was Fish. The delivery was 2 days late and they were confused about why I would reject the parcel and not want to continue to the next week.



I was reading an article/review with similar experiences. They had attempted to deliver on the friday and rather than attempt again later they left it until the monday to redeliver a box full of 3 day rotten fish…

Glad i only did a trial - defo not worth full price. It’s a shame i cant trust anything being delivered to me from any companys apart from royal mail now. Always would rather the annoyance of a red card and the traipse to the sorting office than the risk of never actually recieving my post.


They have all totally lost my trust too, apart from Hermes because our Hermes guy is lovely.


Wait, they deliver fresh food via DPD? So once it leaves their site its ambient all the way? And mixed in with all sorts of other general parcel shit?

Absolutely fuck that, m9.


And they have the fucking cheek to call themselves Hello Fresh? Absolute jokers.


Got a new laptop last week, along with an external DVD drive (have loads of discs and use the laptop to play them). The listing didn’t say the thing already had an internal DVD drive, did it.

I can return the external drive, but I have to pay for a courier or delivery back to the company (Laptops Direct) in Huddersfield, which will cost £10-12 according to Royal Mail. The thing cost £17, so it’d be a trip to the post office in a lunch break (aaargh) for a fiver.

If anyone wants an external DVD drive, shoot me a PM! Unopened, absolutely mint #jag


Moved house recently and we have had a colossal amount of stuff delivered. We’re talking 30 packages I reckon all in.

Everything has arrived absolutely fine. One was left with a neighbour 2 doors down but that was collected very easily.

Just thought you might all like to know.


Lucky in delivery, unlucky in xxxxxx?




Thats the payoff u get for having a slightly bigger garden bcos you live on the corner, corner wanker!


*substantially bigger garden


I’m meant to be having a record delivered today. Conveniently, my other half is working from home today, and most delivery drivers actually knock round our way, so I’m hopeful that I’ll have some new (old*) tunes to listen to tonight.



DX fucking Delivery. How these clowns are entrusted with moving people’s passports around is mistifying.

They tried to deliver it to my house on Wednesday. Sent me a text to say they couldn’t so could I rearrange delivery on their website. Options are for Monday to Friday 9 to 5 (flexible, extra mile customer service obviously being their strong suit.) So i asked them to deliver it to my office today, then rejigged some meetings to make sure I’d be there.

Just got a text to tell me they’ll be delivering by tomorrow and will try to post it through my door.

Where you absolute cockwombles? Cos if it’s to my office that’s not fucking working tomorrow, and if it’s to my house I’m bloody stuck in waiting for them to rock up.


Get quite irked by the amount of neighbours’ parcels I end up signing for on my days off, but when we have something delivered there is never any cunt around to take it in and I have to re-arrange or go and collect it.


DPD left a rug we ordered propped up against our front door, in a relatively high footfall area, for any passersby to see, then texted my partner a photo of it.

Drove straight home from work to get it and it’s already been nicked, obviously.

Great advertisement to potential burglars (and there has been at least one in the street not long ago) that the house is empty during the day, too.


You don’t have much luck with rugs, do you?


You should see the one we sent back!


Bit pointless that?