Deluxe box set chat

The magnolia electric co one is good too

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That looks like near perfect box set packaging. Looks brilliant.

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Yeah, i decided against buying the boxset of ‘Monster’ and went for the 2-CD version instead. Couldn’t justify the paying the £100 askign price for the boxset. The 2-CD versions of these REM re-issues are really nice actually. Nicely packaged in a sturdy box with a good interview booklet, poster & cards. The ‘Monster’ one is down to £12 in FOPP at the moment.

Floor Below and Beyond box set is lush.

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Totally, The Unwound ones also are delicious

Was very sad to miss out on the Duster one :frowning:


Ah Duster, had one of those on pre-order and cancelled due to low funds…wish I hadn’t now, looks a lovely box and not cheap to get hold of

About the only thing like this I own is the Husker Du set they put out a couple of years ago. It’s absolutely beautiful and, to be honest, I’m happy I paid for them to keep producing stuff like this even if I’m more likely to listen to the part that’s a scrappy live recording of an early gig on Spotify.

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Really like the 5 disc Mellon Collie thing, in the big vinyl size box but it’s just CDs. It’s a lovely thing.


Not sure if it’s just me, but I hate deluxe box sets. I hate the cost, I hate having something that doesn’t fit on a regular CD/Record shelf. I’d be particularly offended by keeping CDs in a box the size of a vinyl record, as well as being offended by having 5 CDs for an album that only just justified being 2 CDs originally.


I don’t particularly mind a normal re-issue with an extra CD of demos, in a normal sized package, maybe a nice gatefold sleeve and a slightly thicker booklet with some photos, but that is as far as I’ll go.

no one is forcing you to buy them

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Finally ordered the Luna boxset from the US which came out a few years ago. Considering the individual albums go for loads of money, it’s actually a pretty good deal even taking shipping into account


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I don’t mind expanded re-issue 2-disc type things, collecting up b-sides and whatnot, but I can take or leave bigger box sets of demos, live stuff, etc. I tend to get overwhelmed easily, so sitting through hours of stuff always leaves me a bit cold.

This one


have you used the decoupage kit on anything?

I have not.

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not sure how I feel about the expanded artwork, on the one hand I am a purist I think the original artwork from the time should be recreated as part of the artifact, really hate the gish and siamese dream reissues for that reason, but with this one, I don’t know the expanded art is good so I think I like it

New Order ones look fantastic/properly deluxe so I’m looking forward to my favourite (Technique obvs) coming in a few years or whatever.

Also the Depeche ones of their 12”s which are going chronologically album by album and come with proper reproductions of posters, original packaging and such. They seem to be setting a new standard for super-extraordinary attention to detail.

Oh shit. I bought the Movement one from my local record shop a couple of months ago because I wasn’t spending any money during lockdown and I felt sorry for them being closed.

Would definitely get Low Life and Technique but would feel like an absolute idiot having gaps in the collection.

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Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention. I bought the lovely 3 Disc ‘Everything Is Nice’ Matador at 10 collection back in 1999, so really had to find one of these. Got one still in shrink-wrap. Postal service have given it a few dings on its way to me but it’s a great looking set all the same. Wasn’t expecting fully weighted poker chips!