Streaming sites (eg Spotify) that only give you the option to listen to the deluxe album

  • I would rather listen to the album with the original/intended tracklist
  • I like the bonus material, and it’s usually at the end, you’ve not got much to go on here Chegg
  • Really depends

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Just don’t use shit streaming sites like Spotify. Removes the problem.


Great posting as always


I’m sorry you didn’t like my response. It was a genuine answer. No need to be rude now is there.

Doesn’t really bother me

literally please don’t ever bother putting bonus tracks on there, nobody cares. ooh a demo version of one of the songs. shite. ooh a live cover of a david bowie song. fuck off!


I like bonus materials and sometimes the way it originally came out was not what the band wanted

I like cds where there’s a separate disc for a lot of bonus stuff, so you have it both ways


Annoying when you’re in the car and end up stuck listening to a load of pain in the arse live versions and B-sides.


I care eric!!! I care about the shitty demo version. it has an energy that they never could quite replicate in the studio

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on disc 2, fine. get it off my disc 1!!!


I don’t not need to listen to three different versions of Bitch don’t kill my Vibe

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what about those box-sets that have one disc of 19 versions of the same song

not a fan of the national tbh


Really good stuff

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Quite like getting b-sides and unreleased songs thrown in. But their inclusion can often stretch an album’s length beyond my attention span limits.

Demos and alternative versions are generally a waste of time for me. There are exceptions like the original versions of “Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space” and “The Asphalt World”. But I don’t need to hear “It’s A Shame About Ray” recorded in a cupboard.


extremely glad this board got over having a consensus opinion that the crocodile was the greatest album of all time

as somebody who has made a bunch of albums I don’t believe in the sanctity of track listings or whatever


The crocodile > The Fighter

Always always (well unless I don’t check) leave all bonus/demo/live add ons off any playlists I make of full albums. Don’t have the attention span and if it wasn’t worth putting on the original recording why would it be worth listening to now!?

How does everyone feel about this particular example?

I’ll be honest with you it annoys the living piss out of me.