greetings friends, and a special greeting to our american DiS pals! has it been four years already? i realised this probably deserves it’s own thread as things are especially weird this time around. podcasts are an art for now, for example. so to all the DiSers who share my bizarre fascination with the weird spectacle of US politics, welcome to the official DiS democratic primary 2020 discussion thread! (ODiSDP2020DT). i will be your host on this journey through the american id! let’s look at the contestants shall we:

last night was the first, largely b-team, debate, and i am hearing things went a little bad for everyone except liz warren. prominent conservative commentators all made pocahontas jokes too, start as you mean to go on commentators! here’s some analysis:

the next debate is tonight, here are the performers:


the clown car is stuffed and rolling straight at your face!

also i couldn’t find a donkey emoji so a zebra will have to sub.


Hope they all have a nice time.


beto was asked whether he’d tax the rich more and he filibustered in spanish for 5 minutes. you could hear a pin drop. more of this please.

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Who did Hillary get?

:partying_face: :us: :partying_face: :us:
:partying_face: :us: :partying_face: :us:


It’s always more fun when you pick a team. Might start rooting for Mayor Pete

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AOC would of took more

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Wake me up in early 2020 when the primaries start

Massive racist that lad

Is he? Shit. Sorry. I just saw his name from the RS article above.

this is intended to be a long term thread, i’m afraid, and for space reasons i could not fit “debate” into the title. please take your hostile vibes elsewhere and vote blue no matter who :zebra:

Think beto might be the worst person in the world


Why are there clowns in the thread ti…

Oh right.

Why are there zebra in the thread title?

Portugal for America

He’s bad (bad as in bad)

Love the clown emoji


no donkey emojis

ideally i would have put some orbs in there in honour of marianne :crystal_ball::crystal_ball:

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Would you rather live in a country where

  • Corbyn
  • Sanders

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Had ultimate power

Corbyn so I don’t have to move