Denis Norden was the first person that I realised would die

I remember watching TV at some point in the first half of the 90s (I’d have been about 6), and he was on - it would have been Laughter File or It’ll Be Alright On The Night probably.

I distinctly remember thinking “one day that man will die,” and it sticks out in my mind because I’m pretty certain that I’d never thought that before.

Now he has died. RIP Denis.


RIP Denis.

I might walk around all day with a clipboard in his memory.


Someone who has always been old.

Seemed a decent sort.


He’s gone to the great blooper reel in the sky.


I’ve posted a version of this on tw@tter.

In the Eighties I visited Denis Norden in his Soho offices to check his accounts. He was very friendly and we spent most of the time sat on the floor playing with his speaking calculator. Not a euphemism.

He basically wanted an audience because he kept making phone calls for no other reason that to tell people that i was there and that he was doing his accounts.

Nice guy.

Always preferred Kobe.

You used to see some really weird clips on that show, that became famous as a result of it.

Like, there was that one of the Dutch kid trying to get an eel into a jam jar and failing.

What was that about? It went on for ages and was brilliant.

EDIT: Found it!

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Two of my favourites that I remember from It’ll Be Alright On The Night

The second one the way the gun just appears really cracks me up.

Also I’m pretty sure the first time I ever saw the Catchphrase ‘Snake Charmer’ clip was on a Norden vehicle and I almost died laughing. So thanks to Dennis for that.