Dentist thread

Had my teeth cleaned earlier and it was horrible, but it feels really good now, glad I did it.

What do you think about the dentist

Has anyone here ever been a dentist

Love a good teeth cleaning. I had it done in 2016ish after what I estimated was close to 20 years without visiting a dentist.

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Why do you like it? It hurts! Or is that why you like it

Do you always fancy your dentists

  • Yes
  • No
  • Can’t remember

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It doesn’t hurt. I mean it’s definitely uncomfortable but I like the post-cleaning feeling to be fair. So I like my teeth being clean

It hurt me, on account of them digging some pointy thing below my gums and flicking out whatever filth was lying in there. You’re crazy
Do you always fancy your dentist theo

Last time I went to the dentist they said i needed an old metal filling replacing and a clean, so i booked both and the receptionist convinced me it would be fine to get the filling done first and then the clean. It wasn’t fine and i should have got them done on separate days to give myself time to recover. The clean was unexpectedly traumatic.

Despite finding it a horrible experience i am very keen to go again because the dirt has built up again, despite my best efforts. Once i have it done I’ll probably be so traumatised i won’t go back for 4 years again.

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I’ve never fancied a dentist. I’m too scared whenever i go to be assessing anyone for fanciability

I’ve not been to a dentist for about 8 years. I’m deeply ashamed and would like to go.

Are NHS dentists still a thing?

I never fancy my dentist. I don’t know why I would. Seems like a not great job to have picked.

I’m not crazy though - my teeth cleaning had some small moments of unpleasantness and that’s it. Afterwards it felt amazing and was definitely worth the effort.

Not been to the dentist for coming up 10yrs. Not overly worried but probably need to make roads to get them looked at

Last time I went they kept referencing how long it had been since I last went despite me explaining several times that in the intervening years I’d been living, and visiting the dentist, elsewhere. If you register with a new place though, you can tell them that you went 3 years ago or something and how are they going to know you didn’t?

i do not enjoy to go to the dentist

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Assume all dentists have a central record or something? Will I get in trouble for not going for so long?

Oh God I need so much doing.

I don’t think so, i mean i didn’t give any details of other places I’d been registered with, and as i said up-thread, they kept speaking about my last visit there as though it was the last time I’d been to a dentist so they were clearly unaware that I’d been to other ones (despite me telling them several times)

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Thanks. Feel like i need proper work and aesthetics done. It’s going to be spenny.

I’m spoiling this cos it’s awful

she was going to do my filling so she pulled the old crap filling out, but then we had a chat and it transpired she had time to do a clean today too, so she went ahead with that and said we’d do the filling afterwards. Both she and I forgot about the fact she’d pulled my old filling out, and when she went over it with whatever cleaning thing she was using, it caused possibly the most intense sharp pain I’ve ever felt. Lasted for under a second and I did a (probably quite large) yelp and she apologised and I spent the rest of the clean gripping the chair for dear life. The fact that I still fancied her should tell you all you need to know about my psyche


I’d like to get invisalign but i really really hate going to the dentist and I’ve got a very sensitive gag reflex so don’t like having things in my mouth. Do they feel weird when they’re in?

i didn’t mind it as a kid cos my teeth were always great but once i became old enough to buy my own sweets it’s been all downhill from there

i went for the first time in quite a few years last year (just before covid hit luckily enough) expecting some terrible news but it was ok actually, and didn’t need my impacted wisdom tooth yanked out right away (but probably will at some point)

one of my front teeth has become a bit stained recently though which i don’t like so needs a proper clean or a bit of whitening

Very lucky to have pretty alright teeth - fairly straight, no major issues. Not been dentist since about 2014 because I’ve moved a lot and never got round to registering anywhere. Would be good to go because sometimes my teeth get weird or hurty but if I just chew on the other side for a bit, it seems to sort itself out.
Really furious that my old dentist talked me into a bunch of black fillings instead of white ones though. Maybe I can get those upgraded now?