I haven’t been to the dentist for about eighteen years after a traumatic extraction and am now crippled with anxiety at the thought of it. I have a surface crack on one of my front teeth so should really get it checked out before I end up looking like Shane McGowan.

Do you go to the dentist? How often? Regale me with comforting stories of good dentistry please.

Completely neglected my teeth as a teen and never went to the dentist. Paying for it later in life and as a result, the first few trips I went to as an adult I was terrified, had to be put under aesthetic for fillings etc. Its a bit better now and I go every 6 months to keep on top of it but can only imagine how much nicer my teeth would be if I had taken care of them as a kid.

Not been to the dentist since October 2011. Not overly worried, but probably ought to rectify that.

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I don’t have great teeth - I’ve had so much work done that I just go into a trance like state when I’m in the chair - I close my eyes and pretend I’m somewhere else and let them get on with it. Only thing I really don’t like is the injections.

Also - I know it goes without saying - but getting work done earlier is always cheaper and less painful in the long run so go get it sorted.

i went to the dentist last year for the first time in about 10 years. i was fucking dreading it but he was happy with my teeth although i needed a polish. also i got a new dentist, jis name is Jazz and he is arguably the friendliest, lovliest person i have ever met. :slight_smile:

back to the dentist on tuesday as a filling fell out the other day.

Didn’t go for eight years between 18 and 26 because I got my last free check-up at home when I was 17, then moved to St Andrews where there was no NHS dentist with spaces available, then was too scared to go because it had been so long. Got five fillings when I eventually did.

The NHS one I was at here was incredibly busy and wanted me to wait three months for an urgent filling, so I went to a dodgy-looking private clinic instead when I was in a lot of pain and they sorted that plus the filling really quickly. Still don’t really understand how they’ve managed to staff the place entirely with hot receptionists and incredibly attractive Spanish dentists without breaking all kinds of employment laws, but whatever.

I haven’t been back during the pandemic.

Had some horrendous experiences of NHS dentistry when I was younger. My dentist was this absolute sadist called Magnus who once took one of my teeth out without asking my Mum first. Went pretty regularly until I moved in 2013. My teeth are fine but ideally I’d like to get the crud scraped off them so will probably sign up for one soon.

I went a couple of years ago and had some big fillings and I went a few years before that and had a root canal. both times were fine. no pain. just a bit annoying having your mouth open for ages. I guess it’s even sort of an enjoyable change from the humdrum? get to sit in that big chair. Once I had a really attractive dentist who looked like, i dunno, John Barrowman or Harry Connick Jr

Oh and my old dentist in Airdrie was insistent that my bottom teeth were permanently stained brown from a young age and there was nothing that could be done. First dentist I went to in Oxford looked briefly puzzled then pointed the high pressure water jet thingy at them and they cleaned right up.

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I went to the dentist for the first time in 18 years a couple of years ago. Wasn’t scared, just hadn’t occured to me to go until one of teeth spontaneously disintegrated one day. It was fine, but they did spend a long time with that hoover thing in my mouth cleaning out a life sentence worth of bits stuck in my teeth. Felt nice while it was happening but my teeth felt naked for a while after.

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Save it for 2:30

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Blaze it!


Went to a hygienist for the first time ever this year and spent the next few weeks flicking spittle through the newly formed gaps between my teeth whenever I tried to speak

Still cringe at the memory of having to explain to my big boss why I’d spontaneously guffawed when he said our dentist client was coming in for a meeting at 2.30. the look on his face ffs


Oh, comforting stories. Erm, fillings are fine? I was scared of them but after the injection you can’t feel anything and nothing is too uncomfortable. Having the hygienist take a big run up before digging the scrapey thing into your gumline to crowbar out the plaque is worse.

Imm looking to going back after Rona.

My dentist had been telling me for years to quit smoking and drink less coke and I’ve done both! (Except the drink less coke part)


oh god I probably haven’t been this century.

going to put that in my new years resolutions.

i am somehow genetically blessed with healthy teeth luckily. although a chunk of a wisdom tooth did fall out a few years ago. just ignored it :flushed:

not even scared of the dentist or anything

When I had some private work done (replacing one of Magnus’s terribly done fillings) they used an anaesthetic gel instead of an injection. Was quality, definitely worth whatever my employer’s health insurance paid for it.

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I didn’t go to the dentist for over 10 years after a bad experience as a kid - when I did, the clean up was pretty severe (only one filling though). Made me realise that it’s definitely better to just go periodically…

Over the past 12 months I’ve had invisible braces, so have been to the dentist every month. Have got quite chill about it as a result. Having had a load of piercings done over the years, and a tattoo, it’s a lot less uncomfortable than those :woman_shrugging:

I need to go but not urgently enough that I’d risk catching covid. Last time I went to the hygienist for the first time ever and it was traumatic, but my teetch did feel lovely and clean afterwards, so now tgat I’ve recovered emotionally i want to go again.

What didn’t help last time was that I had to have a filling replaced and the receptionist insisted I’d be fine having the filling done first and the hygienist immediately after. It was definitely the wrong order to do it in - I’d have been better off doing them on separate days entirely.